Sonos Stations... Why only available for some particular countries???

  • 25 July 2020
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I can't understand why the Sonos Stations are only available for some particular countries? Why the customers from elsewhere cannot have them? We are all the same, paying the same (or even more) for the Sonos products...

5 replies

While I’m not certain about this, it makes some sense that just like other streaming companies, there are legal hurdles to stream certain content in all areas of the world. It’s not just can they, it’s more that are they legally allowed to, based on what the various lawyers, and laws say. 

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Substitute ‘commercial’ for ‘legal’ and you’d be closer to the reason why certain stations are geo-blocked or user-blocked.  Almost all music broadcasting is covered by copyright and intellectual property regulations - somebody, somewhere gets paid for their work, plus there’s the running costs of providing the online stream.  

I’d suggest those two terms are well nigh interchangeable. Certainly one drives the other. 

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Copyright and music rights laws vary substantially by country. Sonos Radio, being run by a billion dollar company, follows those laws.

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Oh yes… so it’s unfortunate that we cannot enjoy these amazing stations/features in our territories.