SONOS speakers as MAC speaker monitors

  • 25 February 2018
  • 3 replies

Hi, trying to connect my mac sound output to Sonos speakers, I found two apps in app store:
a. SoTubes for Sonos (free) that exports Utube sound to sonos.
b. Musicast for Sονοσ (11euro) that claims to make your sonos speakers monitors of mac.

is there any official sonos plug-in software that can do the job?

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3 replies

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I’ve been asking for this for years. I bought a Bluetooth receiver and plugged it into my sonos5 so I choose that to send sound out of my Mac to my sonos. It isn’t perfect but it works. Wish it was built in to the sonos device itself. With Bluetooth chips being so incredibly cheap... like $0.50 to a retail consumer... Sonos ought to.
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Check out this thread too.
Thanks a lot Kelly!!