sonos skipping tracks

  • 25 May 2020
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This is a long term, multiple user problem without much success doing multiple things such as power down router, speakers, remove sonos app and replace it, change wifi channels, etc. etc. i found what works for me. I subscribe to spotify so i do playlists through their app and on the device symbol play my sonos speakers. Will need to use sonos to control volumes of different speakers and the spotify app to manage the playlist. However that is not a big deal for me. I put the two apps next to each other and makes switching easy which does not need to be done frequently. Usually just keep on sonos app. Bottom line, have not had a single trackstopped and skipped over. KNOCK ON WOOD. 

1 reply

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Hello @perlasteve,

Thank you for sharing your tips on resolving Spotify playback issues.

Using Spotify direct control can certainly improve the overall user experience when using Spotify with Sonos. 

Please don’t hesitate to respond to us if you need to pick back up troubleshooting your connection with this service, we’ll be happy to assist you.