Sonos / Sirius XM still not working - any updates on this? Other apps are working

  • 16 December 2021
  • 3 replies

Pandora is working but Sirius is still not working.

3 replies

Since there is currently no indication of an issue on the Sonos real time status page, it makes me wonder if you may have a local issue. Have you tried a reboot of both your Sonos speakers and your router, to see if that resolves it? Have you submitted a diagnostic from within the controller, and contacted Sonos to see if they see anything in particular in the data it contains?

I did not but your aura must have done something...because just like is working again.  Must be moon alighnment. LOL...thank you!!!

Pretty sure it’s not my aura….that would have been the reason it stopped working :)

Glad it’s working for you!