Sonos / Rhapsody integration

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Seems there is quite a few problems in this area.

My problem is as follows - I have a Rhapsody subscription and have downloaded most songs to my PC that I wish to listen to.
When I select the Rhapsody music server from the Sonos and cue up a play list, after about 10 mins to 60 mins (it seems entirely variable) the Sonos reports losing contact with the Rhapsody service. The Rhapsody control window appears to be operating normally, however, if I close Rhapsody, the window closes and then an error dialog is displayed "An exception has occured. Rhapsody will now close."
It usually produces a dump and log file and then terminates.

If I then restart Rhapsody and select play on the Sonos controller, it continues on successfully.

It seems to me that the error lies in the Rhapsody server area, but repeated emails with dumps attached to Rhapsody elicit idiot responses or no response.

I mentioned it to the Sonos support fellows, and they suggested keeping Rhapsody from timing-out by cueing up a long playlist, but this makes no difference.

Perhaps someone here has experienced this and already solved it.

Any suggestions ?

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