Sonos playlists lost during glitch with Apple Music membership

  • 7 April 2017
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I recently had a glitch with my Apple Music membership when my card got cloned and I had to wait a week for a new card to be issued. This coincided with my direct debit being presented with my old card details and being declined. Then suddenly I was not able to play my Apple Music sourced tracks any more, until I was able to update my Apple account with my new card details. You'd think that the tracks would have just appeared as 'greyed out' in my carefully curated Sonos playlists. But not - they've just all disappeared. I am gutted. Sonos - please can you help? My playlists are a labour of love and I've now lost half the songs in them! Surely you must have some kind of historic account data for me you could restore? Any ideas?

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2 replies

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Hey JoannadeTiddles, I'm afraid there's no way to restore Sonos Playlists. These exist solely on the memory of your Sonos players and are not uploaded to us for cloud storage or anything like that. In general you don't lose the tracks on a playlist if your service subscription runs out (it's happened to me before). It may be you removed the service from Sonos completely as part of your troubleshooting efforts?
To be honest if you're concerned at all about losing playlists, I would not store them as Sonos Playlists in future, but rather on Apple Music itself, iTunes, or whatever music service you are using at the time.