Sonos not recognizing SaavnPro since last update (version 10.1)

  • 6 April 2019
  • 3 replies

Sonos is not working with Saavn Pro account since last update (version 10.1). When I reauthorize the account it says you to upgrade to Saavn Pro membership. I am already a Saavn Pro member. It was working fine till updated Sonos recently. Please help. Thanks.

3 replies

I have the exact same problem since the upgrade. I have tried reauthorizing via the iOS app and windows controller but no luck. Keeps telling me that I need to upgrade to a pro account when I am already on it. Thanks
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What do Saavn say about it? They are responsible for the account check, its not like Sonos have any idea of the type of your Saavn account.
Saavn support has been pretty useless so far. Haven’t replied to my query for over a week