Sonos Not Playing Music From Plex

  • 24 October 2018
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Hi there.

I have a Sonos Play 5 and 2 Play 1's snd I have just installed Plex on my home PC. I'm guessing I gave all the latest versions as Sonos is up to date and Plex is a new install.

I have wanted to play flac files to Sonos for a while plus access my media elsewhere. So I'm testing Plex out and currently have 4 music albums in the flac format to do the evaluation with.

I have been using Sonos for years with Amazon music locker (now discontinued) and more recently Google. Both of those services worked just fine and brought great pleasure. Although the Amazon service was a pig to use.

Anyway I always wanted to play flac. So I thought I’d give Plex a try. It kinda works sometimes and sounds great when it does. However 90% of the time it drops out, won’t play at all or won’t connect and so on with Sonos anyway. My android phone seems to connect OK to the server via the app and stream music just fine but this is clearly no good as I want the music into Sonos.

I guess my question is this a known issue? If so is there a solution? Am I wasting my time?

The providers like Google are flawless but only mp3.

Help and advice please as I don't know where the issue lies or how to fix it. If Plex is not compatible with Sonos or is just plain buggy it shouldn't be listed as an available app IMHO.

Many thanks,


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