Sonos & Deezer promo - workaround for one per household???

  • 19 January 2015
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Hi all,

I purchased a bunch of Sonos speakers before Christmas and have six vouchers for 12 months free on Deezer. I registered one, and gave the others to my nieces and nephews, but they can't get it to work.

I called Sonos and was told the offer is one per household - one Sonos account per household, not one Deezer account per household (which would be ok as they all have different addresses). This is pretty crap.

However, I was told to look on the forum for a solution to this. I've searched and searched but can't find anything.

Any help from anybody would be great!



4 replies

Welcome to the forums.

First, some terminology might help:

A Sonos "Household" is a Sonos system, i.e. one or more units sitting on the same network.

A Sonos "Account" is tied to the email address used to register the players. And a "Sonos ID" tallies with that account.

When you (or your nephews/nieces) set up each of the Sonos Players where they all registered to the same email address? If you set up all the Players on your own network before distributing them to your relatives then they will automatically all carry the same Sonos ID. If each individual set up their own unit at their home, but used your email, then they will also have acquired the same Sonos ID (and hence account).

If each Player was set up completely independently and registered to a unique email address then I don't see why each shouldn't be eligible for the Deezer promo.

BTW there were/are certain deadlines for the Deezer promo. See here.
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Hi Ratty,

Thanks for the quick response.

OK, so each of the speakers were added to an existing system (as i wasn't giving them away as presents, they're all for me!) they are all linked to the same ID/account.

Is there any way to disassociate the speakers from my Sonos account, set them up again with a different email address and different Sonos account and then allow my nieces and nephews to sign up to Deezer using the promo?

Ultimately I'm asking what do i need to do to get the vouchers to work as the speakers are already setup on my system?

The deadline for signing up to Deezer is the end of the month.


That explains things.

If each unit was factory reset it could be registered to a new email/ID however the FAQ says "The player must be registered by the 14th of January."

If rigidly enforced as the first registration, this is not likely to be good for your temper.

Take one of the units, factory reset it and a controller, then set them up as a new system (household) on a different email. You can do this on your own network if you wish. It doesn't have to be on a network devoid of other Sonos boxes.

Try to enrol on the Deezer promo. If it doesn't work then go back to Sonos Support.

To factory reset a unit, power it up whilst holding down the Mute (or Play/Pause) button. Release when the LED flashes amber. Wait until it changes to flashing green.

To reset a controller app go to Advanced Settings.
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Fantastic. Thanks Ratty. Will give it a try tonight and report back.

Hopefully the 15th Jan deadline isn't enforced thoroughly. If it is, i'll have a chat with Sonos.