Sonos connect - playing music when Internet connection goes down

  • 5 March 2018
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Hi all. I am working with a client who resides in a semi-rural location. His connection to the Internet is not the greatest and there are times when it goes down for hours on end. What he would like to do is to setup a fail-over type of connection using one of the four of his Sonos Connect modules so he and his family could still enjoy listening to any music while his ISP is working on restoring his network connection. This is his setup: 4 Sonos Connects, 4 zones, playback is via their phones' app. What he'd like is maybe a receiver of sorts that would plug in into the main zone's Sonos and maybe a laptop with a local iTunes library for playback. Is something like this possible and what would you recommend that he purchases to accomplish this? Thank you much. Art

4 replies

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Hi, ArgoQ. Welcome to the community. I would recommend a NAS drive, set up to stream a Sonos Music Library. This will work independently of the Internet, as long as the router is still working. I hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else.
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Some simple possibilities are a WD, Western Digital NAS drive or using a Raspberry Pi as a NAS, also possible is using a NAS USB drive option on your router if it is available. In any case you need to make sure that SMB v1 support is enabled on the device as mentioned in the link above.

You could also share from a local computer's drive but it really needs to be all the time for that to work well.
Curious what solution you went with on this. I’d like to have a similar back up plan in case of internet/connection outage.
In addition to the ideas mentioned, music on a phone can be played via a wire connection from the output jack of the phone to line in jacks on the Connects or any other Sonos unit that has these jacks. If a bluetooth receiver like even an Echo Dot is wired to these jacks, the phone can send music wirelessly to the Dot.
Another solution is a radio with an output jack for a similar connection to the Connect.