Sonos cannot find my music library folder

  • 23 February 2021
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No problems hooking up the Sonos Play1 speakers or the app on my iPhone. I can listen to podacasts through Tune-in just fine. My problem is I’m trying to share my iTunes folder Music Library on my PC and the Sonos app on my iPhone doesn’t see it. 


As far as I can tell the folder is being shared successfully. But if I go to the Sonos app on my iPhone and type in “\\MYNEWDELL\iTunes” I get the error “The computer MYNEWDELL cannot be found.” Please help!

6 replies

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Hi @Mr. Snrub, welcome to the community.


Please try installing the Sonos app on your PC and following these steps to Add your music library to Sonos, rather than trying to add through your iPhone.


If you’re still having issues with that, let us know.


I installed Sonos S1 program on my PC and I still get the error that Sonos can’t see the music library’s desktop PC, even though it’s the same PC I’m using right now.

Again, the MYNEWDELL computer is the one that I’m using right now and that Sonos is installed on. How is that possible?

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When you were going through the music library setup, which of the three options did you choose? If the music files are in the default music folder then you can select the first option, or if stored elsewhere then you can select the second. There’s no need to use the third one - that option is for storage somewhere else on your network. 


And I can confirm that Windows Firewall is not blocking any Sonos app:



I have tried both “My Music folder” and “Another folder or a drive connected to my computer.” Both result in the same error (“The computer MYNEWDELL cannot be found.”)

UPDATE: Inspired by the following thread:



...I simply unplugged my Boost that was connected to my router, and it worked!!!!!!! Rockin’!!!