Sonos can’t play podcasts

I’ve been going back and forth with support since I purchased my Sonos Play 1. The primary reason I bought the speaker was to play podcasts but the sonos app doesn’t appear to work very consistently.

After selecting a podcast that is local to my iPhone or iPad, I can play a podcast but the sonos system will erratically switch to the next podcast in queue or stop playing all together.

Support has blamed the issues on my network but I have replaced my router, connected the speaker directly to the router, modified settings on my phone(disabled wi-fi assist) and nothing has helped.

Does sonos have a permanent solution to this problem? Is sonos looking into adding native support for the podcast app?

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This same thing happens with me. I have Sonos, Google Home and Alexa - no problems with Google Home and Alexa as they stream the podcast themselves. But the Sonos always stops repeatedly and you have to go back and try to fast forward it to where you thought you were. It’s a total pain - I love the Sonos speaker and the sound quality is excellent, but this is kind of the deal breaker. It doesn’t happen with any other kind of streaming, just podcasts. Sonos should fix this.
Stuart, thanks for the reply but there is a didference between how sonos handles traffic streamed from a device vs a service.

When sonos is streaming from Apple Music, I can request a song or playlist. Drop my phone off WiFi and the song will continue to play. I am sssuming the sonos speaker has some method of streaming directly to the cloud.

When you stream a local file from a device, the traffic is all LAN traffic(iPhone to speaker, no internet communication). This method should provide the least latency since LAN speeds are typically way higher than internet traffic.

My theory is there is something built into the app that doesn’t allow brief timeouts, something inherent to WiFi networks. The logic in the app skips to the next track if a timeout occurs. Also, according to my observations the timeouts occur after 5-10 minutes, way longer than most songs but far too short for most podcasts. This wouldn’t be so bad if you were playing a playlist but in a 2 hour podcast, it’s problematic.
Exactly the same thing happening to me: podcasts randomly stop playing. This is clearly a common issue that Sonos, to date, has done nothing about and wants to keep quiet.
Lol. I play podcasts all the time with no issues, as I’m sure thousands of others do. You have network issues. Fix them.
Same problem here for months. Plays podcast from iOS in about 14 minutes and stops. Like as it thinks the episode is over, and goes onward in play queue.
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Here are two: 767717636, 1411055714.
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I’ve got exactly the same problem. Had three different routers and a new iPhone since it started happening but still no improvement.
This has just happened to me as well. Playing a podcast that has been downloaded on my iPhone, stopped playing after approx 10 minutes, then have to go back to Sonos controller and it has reverted back to the start of the episode. To get around this I now play podcasts that are downloaded on my iPhone through the IOS podcast app and throw it to the Apple Express, connected to Sonos Amp, on Line In on Sonos App; rather than playing through Sonos App, Browse On This Phone. This appears to work 100%.
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When Sonos plays a podcast from your iPad or iPhone it's just playing the podcast file that the Podcast app on the iOS device has downloaded to the device. As far as the Sonos controller on the device is concerned there is no difference in playing a podcast file or music file on that device. So there isn't a particular issue with Sonos playing podcasts residing on an iOS device. So something is going on with your phone's connectivity to the network causing the controller to start playing the next track (podcast) or stop.

I'm going to assume that support have gone through the usual fault finding in terms of rebooting network and all devices and changing wireless channel and making sure that the iOS device isn't connecting to the 5 GHz wi-fi network.

One thing you can check is if the wi-fi assist feature is enabled on the iPhone - disable it if it is.

Failing that there are other ways to listen to podcasts via streaming on Sonos

1) TuneIn has many podcasts and listen again radio shows - search in the controller and then select "Podcasts & Shows"
2) You can add "Pocket Casts" as a service in Sonos - Create an account with Pocket Casts and then set up in Sonos

Hope this helps
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Sonos doesn’t stream “to” the cloud. Sonos sends a request to the relevant music service and then that service “sends”the requested stream to the speaker. As you say, at that point you don’t need your phone anymore.

You suggested that there was an issue with playing podcasts from iOS devices. I pointed out that as far as Sonos is concerned the podcast to play might as well be a song. Now you suggest there’s an issue with the app.

Don’t you think that if the app had a bug of this nature that there would be thousands of people complaining?

I agree with Sonos. It’s an issue with your network/connection of your phone to said network
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It’s not a network issue, it’s a bug in the app. It doesn’t make sense that I can play half a podcast, stop it, and come back days later and sonos will start the podcast exactly where I left off, but at other times it randomly stops the podcast mid-play and goes back to the beginning or randomly skips to the next or previous episode. Even if it were a brief network interruption the app should know the exact point where playback stopped and not revert back to the beginning of the episode.
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Oddly, lock screen controls were restored earlier this week for a day and that coincided with sonos playing a podcast without interruption for the first time in months. I thought they finally fixed the problem but it went away again and it’s back to not working. I wish they would get this fixed, as it no longer just effects podcasts but now interrupts even 3 minutes songs when played from the iphone iTunes library.
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Hello, all. We can certainly get to the bottom of this for you. Following an occurrence of this issue, please submit a diagnostic and respond with the confirmation number. This way we can identify the cause. Many thanks in advance.
Here 1737792840

Happens every time. If I have more than one podcast episode saved it rolls to the next one in 30secs. If just one saved it plays for 10minutes.

If you supported airplay on all your speakers that would be a workaround.

The only thing that works worse on Sonos is being able to find my Mac iTunes library. That issue is widely known and shortening the Mac name didn’t help. That would also be a workaround to try if available.
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Hi everyone,

Today we released an update that has some bug fixes which should help with issues streaming music from iOS devices, among others. Please update your systems and test things out. You can read more about the update here.

Sonos Staff have recently stated that there is an issue at the moment that can cause audio to skip when playing from the storage on an iOS device whilst having non-Sonos AirPlay devices on the network and/or the iOS device goes into auto-lock.

You can get the stream going by disabling AirPlay on any non-Sonos devices in your home, or by disabling auto-lock in the iOS settings menu under 'Display & Brightness'.

You may want to reach out to the Sonos phone team if you'd prefer not to disable AirPlay, or the iOS auto-lock feature.

You can find Sonos phone number and hours here:
Contact Sonos Customer Care.

Hope that helps.

See this link...
Great thanks. What is the implication of disabling the auto lock on iOS display and brightness settings?
Great thanks. What is the implication of disabling the auto lock on iOS display and brightness settings?
I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to that one, but sonos do say to call them if you wish to discuss issues with turning off the auto-lock screen.
Here are their contact details, if you decide you perhaps would like to do that ...

Contact Sonos Customer Care
Sorted, thanks
I have had this same problem for the past few months. While playing podcasts it jumps to the next one after about 8-10 minutes. All downloaded to my phone. No problem with music. Problem with podcasts. Annoying.
Diagnostic: 151761119
I have the same problem on iOS, and I downloaded the newest version of the app. Thinking about returning this system. Diagnostic: 118032140