Sonos Beam and AirPlay 2 problem

  • 2 August 2018
  • 4 replies

I am experiencing an issue that when I tell my HomePod to play audio "everywhere" (meaning on it and on the Sonos Beam) sometimes the audio will play on the Beam, sometimes not, but every time, after invoking that command the Beam seems somehow stuck on AirPlay, or confused, or something, so that I cannot change its audio playback to Alexa, or to the TV's audio, or to anything at all.

Alexa will talk to me, but all audio playback is mute, regardless of audio level, source, etc. I have tried "unchecking" the Beam as an output in the HomePod's AirPlay selector (from my phone). I have tried changing the audio source in the Sonos app. The only solution I have found it to unplug the Beam and then plug it back in.

Seems like an AirPlay 2 bug. I hope it gets fixed soon.

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4 replies

I’m having the same issue, but without the HomePod. Airplay knocks the Beam connection to TV (Vizio p-55 via HDMI ARC). Only thing is to turn the tv off, or reset the Roku unit we have (not on ARC). PITA and my wife gets rather annoyed to the point of returning the unit.
FYI: Sonos ended up replacing my unit and the new one is working great.
Thanks for the quick update austinflack! How difficult was the return process? I’d prefer to just switch out the Beam unit itself if it comes to that, and be able to keep the wiring/power cord intact as they are already routed within the wall. I can only take so much cable fishing...
I had to go through several rounds of tech support, diagnostics, but the actual exchange was pretty easy. and I only had to swap out the unit, kept all the cables where they were.