Sonos and Google Play Music

  • 8 January 2019
  • 6 replies


I have both a Spotify and Google Play Music subscription. I can stream/cast songs from the Spotify account, but I cant get GPM to work on Sonos - either through the Sonos App or casting from the GPM app. I can play music fine from the GPM app, but no songs will work on Sonos using GPM.

I get the error "unable to connect to Google Play Music".

I currently have 2 Sonos Play Ones (gen1), a Play 3 and a Play 5 (gen 2), and all display the same error message when trying to play music from GPM

Has anyone else had this problem before and how do I resolve it?


6 replies

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Just played an individual song via search and a "radio" station via browse on the Sonos app to my Play:3, so appears to be working for me in the UK at the moment.
Yeh im sure it's working for others, just trying to work out why it doesn't work for in my system
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Hi there, Lctham. Have you tried removing the GPM credentials from Sonos and re-adding it back? By removing and re-adding these credentials, Sonos can re-authorize with Google Play Music and could help.
yes I did try that, still get the error message that it cant connect to Google Play
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If you've already verified your Google Play Music account information and the problem only happens on Google Play Music, I would recommend getting in touch with our support team. They are able to get a closer look at the network through a remote session and get this sorted.
Same issue, everything but google apps working now.


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