Sonos and Chromecast Grouping/Sync

  • 29 August 2016
  • 7 replies

First post here, apologies if it has been posted before, I searched and could not find anything.

Is it possible to sync/group Sonos and Chromecast so they play audio in sync? I have a couple of Play:5 around the house and a chromecast plugged in the TV feeding into an amp and speakers via toslink and thought it would be very nice to sync them all. I suspect the answer is no, and judging by what I read will never be a feature. If I want to do it, I am going to have to plug chromecasts into the line in and group the chromecasts.


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7 replies

Seems unlikely any two rival manufacturers would allow their products to work together in this way.
Hi. I'd be amazed if they synched. My understanding is that when Sonos speakers are grouped, one speaker acts as master, sending timing cues to the rest of the group to ensure perfect synch This is inherent to the Sonos system and it clearly cannot talk to a Chromecast in the same way.
Reality check: There is no way that Sonos is going to play via a cheap dongle, any more than they would allow a PC to be a 'software player'. It would displace sales of genuine Sonos hardware.
In addition, it would necessitate sharing their sync technology with the other vendor(s), as John B alluded. That's their golden goose, their Holy Grail, and they have the patents to prove it. No way, no how that is happening.
An old thread but something I have been looking at myself...

Whilst I have not tried this so cant comment on sync status (it will surely be out of sync) :-)

If you buy another Chromecast audio and plug that into the line in on the Play 5 you can then create a group of both Chromecasts that will play across all your speakers, which can now be controlled from directly inside the Spotify mobile apps.

This product claims no sync issues so could also be worth a try too (free 10 mins trial)
It works the other way from Google play music app. I have 4 Sonos plays, connect, playbase(just got it yesterday and loving it) and several chromecast audio speakers and chromecast video. From Google play music app, all Sonos and chromecast shows up on the list of speakers where you want to stream your audio. Nice thing is if you have created a group in Sonos controller then it also shows up in Google play music app as a grouped speakers. Google allows it but unfortunately Sonos does not allow which makes sense. Why would you allow your superior app to allow streaming to non Sonos speakers like Bose soundtouch or JAM wifi whose apps literally sucks. Seriously I had Bose which I returned because it was a pain to just setup the speaker in my wifi. And I have couple of JAM wifi, whose app has only one good thing is the push to talk calling. I ended up putting Jam soeakers into my basement bathroom and garage with chrome audio. Not bad for $80 speaker +$40 chrome audio.
Well you could plug only one Chromecast into a single PLAY5. Then on that play 5, set it to line in, and then group that play 5 to the rest of the sonos speakers.

This will give you what you are looking for but you won't be able to adjust what room it plays in without opening the sonos app and un-grouping things.