Sonos and Apple Music - Different Networks

  • 24 October 2016
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I'm curious about finding a solution to an issue that has arisen using Sonos at work.

We would like to connect my personal Apple Music account to our work Sonos speakers but my phone is connected via Wifi and the work computer is connected to internet using a landwire. I suppose they are on different networks.

I'm wondering if we can find a solution. Previously it was working well because both Sonos and my phone were connected to the same Wifi. We have had to change that and I subsequently changed my AppleMusic password and have been asked to reauthorize.


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2 replies

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All Sonos setups require a wirelsss signal either in Wifi or Boost mode. My guess is that your company wants to lock down its network work by eliminating WiFi completely and not having to worry about a hack. The solution is to setup a Boost mode via Ethernet direct to a Sonos speaker or by using a Sonos Boost; if the network node is in a closet. Boost mode generates a wireless signal that is only used by Sonos. Click the link and select "Specs" to read about Boost mode security:

Once you have the Boost mode in place launch the Sonos Controller App to complete your work place Sonos setup.. You should be able to move between your home and work Sonos systems with just a few clicks as the Controller App will remember the network settings in range when launched.

You will still have to setup Apple Music in the Controller App using your new credentials and reauthorize your computer. FYI, you may have to contact Apple Support to reauthorize your computer (maybe).
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or use a cheap wifi router to create a network that's just for Sonos