Sonos Amp Line-in. Analog out coming from Onkyo NR969.

  • 9 February 2020
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I have a Sonos network of (2 ) Play:5 speakers; (4 ) Play one SL speakers; Sonos AMP, Sonos connect and a Onkyo TX-NR969 (Sonos enabled.   I have been playing music from various apps with no problem.   Now I want to play my turntable, CD and tapeplayer (connected to Onkyo Amp) through Sonos.   I have connected my Onkyo speaker 2 output to Sonos amp audio in with RCA cables.   I have not been able to get it to work.   Everything acts like it is working, but now sound.

Can someone please provide me details connectivity directions with setting up my Onkyo and Sonos AMP.    

I really like my system, the sound is amazing, but what happened on the manuals for Sonos and Onkyo?  I have been very disappointed with both manuals

3 replies

Don’t use speaker out for feeding the Sonos, those would be variable outputs, and Sonos is looking for line level non-variable inputs. Do you have a tape out on that receiver that you could use?

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Hi Bruce

Thanks for the advise but I do not have tape out.  It is just labeled as “line out”.   I used this previously when I had a second PRE-Amp, but I removed it when I started adding Sonos amps.   My wife is getting tired of the stack of equipment I have in the living room, I have to remove one to add one. 


I *think* those are line level outputs, you should check the manual to confirm. If it mentions anything about adjusting the volume in Zone 2/B, I would be super cautious, as that means they are variable, and you’re going to end up with dueling volume controls on the receiver and Sonos. Can be done, it’s just very finicky. As another thing to be aware of, although based on your initial post shouldn’t be an issue, frequently Zone 2/B outputs won’t get Digital input signals. Again, check the manual, but if you’re just doing phono, CD and tape, I’d think it would be fine.