Sonos access to OneDrive Music Folder

  • 14 December 2019
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Google did much the same thing. I am just hoping that Sonos never removes the Local music service as I’m old school and still buy CDs as i like to own the music I’ve bought. 

Me too. I like to own the music, plus I think half of my CD’s have music that you cannot possibly find anywhere else. I mean: I bought a CD in Turkey with Turkish music from the 70’s as a souvenir of a great vacation. Try and find that somewhere!!

So it is either my Music Library on NAS (Synology working well, so far, much better than Buffalo) or -the ideal scenario- my music folder on OneDrive, so that I do not have to worry about backups, and the inevitable mechanical failures of the Synology drive etc. etc.

What is Sonos waiting for?


A really smart guy named Michael Dick developed a tool that let’s you connect OneDrive to Sonos.  I can’t seem to find it right now.


It worked bit when I tried it I lost the connection when my computer restarted.  I’ll have to try again.





Michael Dick’s solution worked for me, legend, and he’s super responsive.

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This is awesome massive Kudos to Michael Dick - OneDrive for Sonos (

Midi s answer did not wrk for me. It took ages to type it all in correctly then I pressed enter and th enter et came back with the word ERROR. Really peeved as I can’t play my music library ,only amazons