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  • 22 April 2017
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My Sonos setup continually skips songs. They are on the device I'm playing the music from but randomly, midway through the song, it skips to the next song in the queue.

Anybody any ideas? I have a Bridge that connects directly to my router.

I've submitted a diagnostic #7323334


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91 replies

I think the skipping problem is much larger than we are lead to believe with this system. I have had mine a couple of years now and done countless sessions with Sonos tech's to no avail. The skipping for me is only with my ITune files and at times terrible. We have plugged, unplugged, changed router channels, you name it and it still does not work properly. I'm getting very disappointed and quit recommending this to friends.
I have had a sonos system for approx 3 years play1,play3 and connect and until last week its been faultless. But since upgrading to IOS11 and the latest firmware from Sonos. I now experience song cutouts and skips from music sourced from my iPhone. It only happens on queued music. If I select a track to play individually its goes through without issue. I have yet to test playing queued music from my main iTunes library which is hosted on an OSx instance. I'll update when I've tested
I have had a sonos system for approx 3 years play1,play3 and connect and until last week its been faultless. But since upgrading to IOS11 and the latest firmware from Sonos. I now experience song cutouts and skips from music sourced from my iPhone. It only happens on queued music. If I select a track to play individually its goes through without issue. I have yet to test playing queued music from my main iTunes library which is hosted on an OSx instance. I'll update when I've tested

I get the same issue since IOS11 and latest firmware update. Randomly skips end of track when playing music from iPhone. I have a bunch of PLAY1’s and Soundbar.
I haven't let it run very long, but it looks like I can use my IPAD without skipping. This is a recent problem, in the last couple of weeks. According to the tech - Apple is not in a hurry to fix the issue - it would impact their marketing of their SONOS like product.
Already did that, doesn’t work
I have exact same issues, have disabled auto lock screen with no change. I’ve had a bridge for years, and have never had any issues until this last update...whether it is Sonos or iOS. I submitted my last diagnostic 1237707295 but have had no response. I’ve reset the router, reset and reinstalled the bridge and removed and reinstalled the apps. No change.
Same problem here. Sonos speaker wont play iphone stored songs. It stops at random times then starts again in differrent songs at random times. This started happening four or five months ago. Same with the wifes phone. Extremely frustrating, to the point ive thought about putting an axe through the stupid thing. We planned on getting more speakers, but I dont think we will, at least not if this continues. We now use it for radio only. Ive tried all kinds of advice from these sites and wasted hours upon hours trying to figure this out.

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS. I turned off the lock screen thinggy on my iphone, in the (settings) / (display & brightness). It has played 9 songs with out stopping! And still going. A new record in recent months. Skeptical if this will continue, due to the amount of failures of this procedure from other users on these forums.

Still sorta lame i have to change the screen lock on and off depending on if im using sonos. Im not leaving it off all the time due to security with my iphone. Oh i hope this works...

I probably wouldnt have bought it if i knew it was going to cause such problems and be such a pain in the ass.
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It’s official, they knew.

Sonos finally admitted to me that is an issue they are aware of and have yet to figure out how to fix.

“We are aware this is an issue, but unfortunately, as of this moment, it's the nature of Apple iOS. It's similar to if you're listening to Apple Music on your headphones and you switch over to watch something on youtube on your phone. The youtube audio starts playing and the Apple Music audio stops. Similar idea, but it's the Sonos audio that's stopping due to something else.”

It’s shameful that Apple and Sonos have paired up despite this long-existing known problem.

I’m done with Sonos forever.
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I think you’ll agree that your phone is more personal and non-negotiable than a specific brand of speaker, one that is expressly marketed as Apple compatible.

Yes, I’m bothered that Apple is part of the misrepresentation (which I thought was obvious when I said it was shameful on their part) but Apple isn’t who I’ve been “troubleshooting” this problem with for over a year, Sonos is. And Sonos, fully aware of the problem and the lack of a fix, had me jump through pointless hoops.

But maybe you still find it odd, in that case I doubt any explanation from me will satisfy you.
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Hi Smilja,

Tough question but I’ll take a shot; I imagine the fix to look like just that, a fix. In the meantime, a disclaimer would be nice so people don’t spend time and money on a product that doesn’t do what it should. And sure, a disclaimer provided by both Sonos AND Apple.

Now here’s a couple for you: Sonos markets their speakers as the perfect compliment to the IPhone, they are sold from within Apple stores. Do you think they have any responsibility to their customers to inform them of this issue before purchase? Or am I to assume from your quote marks that you believe that Apple is the only bad actor in this scenario? (I’m also assuming that you misused those quote marks, unless you don’t believe that there is a “guilty party” in all of this)
It is amazing that after months of having this problem, no real solution is provided. And sonos keeps on giving the same kind of advice, change channels, auto-lock etc. Everytime it happens, I feel like throwing the whole speaker out the window. What a shame. I used to like my sonos system
Man, I wish. Even just a free hat from Sonos would be lovely....

You can call nonsense all you want, but I've got a passing knowledge about electronics, being in a related area of business, and enjoy helping others.

The critical aspect about Sonos is that it does require a strong backbone to work on. If the local network set up by the router in the home isn't working properly, it can and likely will end up causing a slew of issues with Sonos, which is more sensitive to that kind of thing than most other internet devices, such as computers and consoles. And honestly, Sonos isn't a perfect company either. They have manufacturing issues just like every other company out there, and the design of some of their stuff isn't what I'd prefer.

But that doesn't alter the fact that I enjoy helping others fix the issues, so that they can have as stable a system as I do. Yea, call me weird, call my desires bull if you'd like, but I do enjoy passing on some information that I think is relevant, and helping people get some sort of additional logical thought process about how the system works, and why it isn't working for them at the moment.

I may have picked up that habit from helping my mother, who was an elementary school librarian, back in the 70s when I was learning about electronics in general. She was a "follow the instructions" kind of person, god rest her soul, and I spent a lot of time trying to show her how to think of all of these systems as a flow of data, which would help determine where the "flow" was getting stopped or diverted. At the end of the day, this is all just relatively a stream of electricity. Works the same way as a river does. Figure out where the dam is, and how to remove the dam, and you're doing well.

Fortunately, I'm not the only one here who likes to assist others. There's quite a few folks, also (to my knowledge) not in the pay of Sonos. I continue to learn new things from them, as they answer questions that I can't, or that I've answered incorrectly. And I'm assuming that they have the same intention as I do...helping others.

As far as I am aware (and as has been the case in many of the forums that I've had under my management in my professional life), all Sonos employees who post here are required to have an "official" account, which means that Sonos is next to their name. Look for the likes of people like Ryan S, Edward R, Ditte, Keith N, Jeff S....(and I apologize to those who I've forgotten in my post here) all of whom have "Sonos employee" associated with their accounts.

The issue continues to be that there are multiple issues that exhibit similar symptoms. So if you have something like "skipping", it could be any of 3 or 4 things at a minimum, all looking the same from the user's perspective. Which is why you'll see folks like me ask questions about the person's system, in order to figure out which thread to be pulling on.

At the end of the day, I'd say somewhere north of 85% of issues presented on this board are related to local wifi issues, but people just aren't savvy enough, because they normally don't need to be, to know what it is or how to fix it. Even with the further 10% I'd suspect are router related issues, I've pulled back on my explanations, because it just ends up being too technical and people's eyes, I suspect, tend to glaze over. Shoot, there's posts on this forum that cause my eyes to glaze over, too. But that's OK, if I can help people get past the issue, without having to spend a few hours diagramming and explaining why it is they're experiencing it, that's great. Those who want to know more will ask, and I'll share the little information I have, and then hope that some of the others here will pipe in with more information.

And you'll note, if you look at what I respond to, I tend to be fairly selective. Don't look to me for extensive network knowledge. Beyond suggesting that it makes sense to set up reserved IP addresses for your local network, I'm just not well enough educated to deal with things that are more complicated. I tend to stay away from questions regarding Alexa, as well, although I do use it, but I've not given it a lot of thought, and am uncomfortable advising in areas that I don't feel like I have a good base of knowledge in.

You stopped reading this in the first paragraph. I'll stop typing.
I have experienced these “skips” many times on two different Sonos systems in two homes. It only happens when I’m using an iOS device as a music source. If I use a streaming music source all is fine. Today, I signed up for Apple Music to test my experience further and sure enough, that works after song...even songs in my own library, which I believe are streamed when using the Apple Music service rather than coming from my iPhone. So I will likely bite the bullet and use Apple Music with Sonos so I can have both great speakers and continuous music.Sonos Staff have stated there's an issue right now that causes playback from the storage on iOS devices to stop and skip when there are non-Sonos AirPlay devices active on the local network. You can try disabling AirPlay on those devices, or disabling your iOS device's auto-lock feature to get the streaming working again.

A much better option is to move your music library from your iOS device to a computer or NAS Drive, then to set up a music share. This will allow you to use any controller to have Sonos play your music library without having to disable AirPlay on non-Sonos devices, or set your iOS device to never auto lock.

If you have audio skips from any other source, there's something else going on. This guide is a great place to start troubleshooting those sort of issues.
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While you wait for Sonos to pick up your diagnostic number and review.

I assume you have no bridge that you are wifi only (no unit hooked to router). Make sure none of your devices are within a few feet of any other wifi devices or wireless devices (like cordless phone) that could interfere.

How far are your speakers from your router / signal quality in area they are at?

Also - what is the source of your music?
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Hi Chris

As mentioned, the setup is with a bridge. The speakers are in a different room to the bridge.

I have 2 Play 1's and a Playbar grouped together.

The source of the music is from my device (iPhone) although I do stream from Spotify as well.

If I listen to the TV on this set up, I get no drops.

I was having the same problem, the support guy tried pinging my Iphone and was unable to do so, he ruled out the router and music played fine from PC itunes, a search on google turned up reset settings iphone network, followed these steps ,

On your iPhone iPad, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. It will prompt us to type in your router password, after this the tech was able to ping the phone just fine and we played several songs from the iphone without problems.
I am running IOS 11 with the latest update
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Another poster suggested this fix. Might not work for everyone, but so far it’s fixed my issues. It’s also a lot easier to try this than changing router channels, unplugging Sonos speakers & rebooting router, etc.
I've had the same issue the past couple months with my new iPhone X running iOS 11.2.5. Songs from my iMac iTunes library, my wife's phone, and streaming (Tunein Radio stations, Pandora, Spotify) are fine. I've tried all the iPhone suggestions, with the same results. Finally, re-setting the network settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings) and then signing only into the same wifi network as the Sonos, no more skipping. Oh, and I've also turned off all the other apps. Thanks to all for your suggestions.
If you're experiencing the same issue, perhaps if you were to submit a system diagnostic within 10 minutes of experiencing this issue, and call in to Sonos to discuss it, they would be able to assist in diagnosing and help resolve it?
We have debugged our Sonos system for this issue through Sonos technical support. Posting here to share the information, so one can debug their own system.

While connected to Sonos tech support, we played an album through an iPhone on Sonos 3 speaker. While music playing, Sonos monitored network activity between Sonos speaker and iPhone using ping utility. Anyone can do this through command line:
$ ping -c 500 -s 1000
$ ping -c 500 -s 1000

These commands should ping both devices periodically and should print out something like:
1008 bytes from : icmp_seq=494 ttl=64 time=4.222 ms

Sonos technical support indicated that time should be less than 10 ms. Occasional high values are ok, but if multiples of them is observed back to back, that is very likely when skipping or stopping would occur.

During test Sonos speaker registered less than 10 ms for most of the time. Unfortunately iPhone registered a good amount of high values as in:
1008 bytes from : icmp_seq=399 ttl=64 time=109.315 ms
1008 bytes from : icmp_seq=400 ttl=64 time=28.323 ms
1008 bytes from : icmp_seq=401 ttl=64 time=49.420 ms
1008 bytes from : icmp_seq=402 ttl=64 time=72.821 ms
1008 bytes from : icmp_seq=403 ttl=64 time=3.254 ms
1008 bytes from : icmp_seq=404 ttl=64 time=17.462 ms

Conclusion was that wifi card used in smart phones are not typically powerful enough to keep up with less than 10 ms response time. Hence skipping is observed often. It is recommended we play our music library either through a computer/laptop or NAS attached hard drive as they typically have capable wifi cards. Glad that there is now a better explanation for this issue, but it looks like there is no solution for it for the foreseeable future.
Hi all,
While listening to my Play Ones using my iPhone 7, it began skipping songs each time it got midway though the current song. However as soon as I turned off Low Power Mode it began working perfectly again.
Please note my system is on a single channel at 2.4GHz, can’t remember the exact channel number.

Hope this helps
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After spending more than ample time with Sonos (including a week-long correspondence and an addition 4 hours on the phone for them to do nothing more than scan my network traffic, with no positive outcome), I have identified one method, which has worked for me, to finally resolve this issue. It’s a bit of a crawl though Sonos app, but worth it to eliminate the maddening issue during an *imported* playlist (ie: pulled in from iTunes). This has not been tested on desktop (which doesn’t work for me anyway). However found highly successful results on iPad. When Sonos is skipping:
1.) Empty the entire queue currently within the Sonos app.
2.) Fully close the Sonos app (don’t minimize, don’t hide. CLOSE it).
3.) Open a browser on your device. Go to any web site and let the page fully load.
4.) Go back to Sonos app> navigate to Browse> On this iPad> Playlists
5.) Click on your Playlist which goes to another screen>> Look for the ellipsis (three dots) at the very far top-right.
6.) Click the ellipsis and choose> Replace Queue.

I have found this solution to work every time, and with no faults.
I’m no expert in app or hardware component development. However, seems to me, this is an issue with the app communicating across the wireless network. Sonos will run decently when other streaming-type services are not enabled/active (ie: YouTube, Netflix, movies, etc), up to and including if they are running on *any* device (ie: mobile, hard wired, TVs, etc). Sonos seems to highjack the wireless route and if it finds it is not the primary holder, will either shut itself down, or start the skipping (doesn’t seem to want to play fair).

As always, variations in devices, models, app versions may not result the same. But for a very easy fix, its worth a try.

Good luck and best, with wishes for Sonos to get on the ball.
I called Sonos about this issue and they're aware of it but instead of saying they'll fix it (or Apple), they told me to use the Sonos Windows app on my laptop. I started using this instead of the iPad and have no skipping issues now.
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My Sonos setup continually skips songs. They are on the device I'm playing the music from but randomly, midway through the song, it skips to the next song in the queue.

Anybody any ideas? I have a Bridge that connects directly to my router.

I've submitted a diagnostic #7323334


So basically if you want to use your expensive Sonos system you have to revert to using a laptop. I called Sonos and they told me that it is not compatible with iPhones! Wtf?

Allow me to lend some clarity to this. Given some changes on Apple's end recently, this has changed the way in which the lock screen interacts with third-party applications. Ours being one of them. We are working to resolve this but for now, it will take some time. It is a known issue. You do not Have to use a laptop to control Sonos, you can still play from your iOS device, though at this time it would require you to disable the auto-lockscreen on the iOS device.

You can also opt to host your music on your laptop, playing from the Sonos Music Library. Though obviously, if your computer is not awake, the memory on the device will not be accessible.

My proposed resolution, for the time being, is to disable the auto lockscreen on your iOS device and continue to play back from the phone itself. Will you let me know how this goes?

Many thanks.
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I have the same issue but rarely play from my iPhone, mainly from my iPad, only sine this latest update, I am now restricted to radio only. Get a grip SONOS or sell no more, which would be a crying same.

Hi, Roy. Did you try this advice from my post?

My proposed resolution, for the time being, is to disable the auto lockscreen on your iOS device and continue to play back from the phone itself. Will you let me know how this goes?