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My Sonos setup continually skips songs. They are on the device I'm playing the music from but randomly, midway through the song, it skips to the next song in the queue.

Anybody any ideas? I have a Bridge that connects directly to my router.

I've submitted a diagnostic #7323334


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While you wait for Sonos to pick up your diagnostic number and review.

I assume you have no bridge that you are wifi only (no unit hooked to router). Make sure none of your devices are within a few feet of any other wifi devices or wireless devices (like cordless phone) that could interfere.

How far are your speakers from your router / signal quality in area they are at?

Also - what is the source of your music?
Hi Chris

As mentioned, the setup is with a bridge. The speakers are in a different room to the bridge.

I have 2 Play 1's and a Playbar grouped together.

The source of the music is from my device (iPhone) although I do stream from Spotify as well.

If I listen to the TV on this set up, I get no drops.

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Do you get Spotify drops.

Make sure the bridge is not right up against router get it as far from router as cord/space allows.

Sorry I misssd the bridge let earlier.

Also what channel is your router on and what channel is Sonos on. Only use 1, 6, or 11 pick two

If the drops are just from music on your iPhone that would mean the iPhone is dropping off. Playing Spotify or playbar sound wouldn't be effected by your phone but if your playing music residing on your phone it is reliant on the phones wifi connection. Most will point Sonos to their iTunes etc computer with all the music and pull from there vs the phone.
Got about 12 inches between the router and Bridge.

The router is a Sky Q Hub which is on Wireless Channel 6 (2.4 GHz), 36 (5 GHz)

The bridge in on Channel 11.

I'd need to analyse whether there are drops on Spotify as opposed to just the iPhone but the wifi signal is excellent where I am using it.

Thanks for coming back to me Chris, appreciated.
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kaywebster23 wrote:

Got about 12 inches between the router and Bridge.

The router is a Sky Q Hub which is on Wireless Channel 6 (2.4 GHz), 36 (5 GHz)

The bridge in on Channel 11.

I'd need to analyse whether there are drops on Spotify as opposed to just the iPhone but the wifi signal is excellent where I am using it.

Thanks for coming back to me Chris, appreciated.

Hi kaywebster23,

In your previous diagnostic report there was some wireless interference showing up. Most of the time changing the wireless channel your Sonos system uses helps with issues like this.

The playback errors showing up show a loss of connection between your Sonos system and your iOS device. Do you have audio cut outs when playing music from sources other than your iOS device? If not, the issue may be the iOS device's connectivity to your home network. Can you try streaming music from the device when it is closer to your router?

At any rate, please send in a new diagnostic report after these tests and reply with the confirmation number.
Hi Jeff

I will experiment with this tomorrow. I genuinely think I'm ok when streaming from Spotify. I also seem to have a good connection from my iOS device so will try playing music closer to the bridge... it's in a different area of the house so I may be tempted to play it on a sonos device that's closer to where I'm streaming from!. I have noticed some drops in sound on my Playbase when connected to the TV... but I'm not so sure this is connected though, probably a separate issue all together which I may seek help on.

Will do the tests tomorrow and send in a new diagnostic.

I think the skipping problem is much larger than we are lead to believe with this system. I have had mine a couple of years now and done countless sessions with Sonos tech's to no avail. The skipping for me is only with my ITune files and at times terrible. We have plugged, unplugged, changed router channels, you name it and it still does not work properly. I'm getting very disappointed and quit recommending this to friends.
And yet, I've had my system for 6+ years, primarily playing from an iTunes created library, and never had an issue.
You're a lucky man then. I see hundreds of complaints posted on various websites and boards about this problem.
And I've seen hundreds of posts on how to correct the issue, depending on the cause, with very few failures. There is quite a few people who frequent this community who can assist, given enough information to assess the issue. The difficulty is that any single symptom can be caused by a multitude of potential issues, and there's sometimes no easy answer. And, like it or not, the Sonos system requires a healthy local wifi, and those who aren't willing to address it will continue to have problems.

Now, I've certainly not seen, to my recollection, any of your issues explained, nor been part of the calls you've had with Sonos, so I can't speak directly to your case. But I can object to a broad statement that isn't proven by the experience that I have had, and the majority of those who appear to post here have, who either never return, or do return to post their thanks to those who have helped. I can assume that some number of those who don't come back didn't resolve their issues, but I infer that the number is small, as usually if a suggestion doesn't work, they return with additional information, which helps the focus on the potential issue.

And let me address your comments regarding "countless sessions" with Sonos techs. May I ask if they were level 1 or level 2 techs? I would assume that Sonos, as many tech companies do, has a basic script that their level 1 techs work from. And I've got nothing against that. But sometimes interpreting a problem requires a thought experiment of what's happening in your system, and I suspect many, but not all of those level 1 folks have the ability to do so. If they're in their first week, I expect they're fairly rote in their responses, and as their base of knowledge expands, they become more familiar with the ins and outs of the Sonos ecosystem and the strong wifi backbone it requires.

But let me be clear. I've never had to call Sonos for assistance, so everything in that previous paragraph is an assumption, based on my last 25 years working in the tech industry, including managing customer support folks. I have had a few discussions with the team that moderates these boards, and have found them to be exemplary.

Now, how about your system? Can we help you get over the hump, and to a place where you can use the Sonos equipment the way it is supposed to work?

How many speakers do you have? How are they connected? What kind of device do you run the controller on, and what OS is that device running? Where is your iTunes library? Hat kind of router do you have? What version of the controller and firmware is on your speaker(s)? When is it that the songs start skipping?

Help us help you.


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