Some Spotify songs won't play through Sonos One speakers

  • 28 January 2020
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There are some songs / albums on Spotify that won’t play through my pair of Sonos One speakers.

I can play these songs through my phone but when I try to Connect To a Device and choose my speakers, it says “Connecting” but never does.

If I’m already playing through the speakers, then when I tap on one of these songs, nothing happens.

This happens repeatedly for certain albums / songs. What is “special” about them??


1 reply

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Hi there @BobbyF123 than you for patience with us and we apologize for the delay in responding to your request. 

Does this only happen when you are using the Spotify app to play to Sonos or does this also happen if you are playing Spotify through the Sonos app?

Are any of these tracks downloaded and stored locally?

Do you have another phone or tablet that you can use to test to see if these issues are specific to your controller. 

If you could also submit a diagnostic report from your Sonos system and include the confirmation number in your response, I’ll be happy to take a look at this for you.