Some iCloud music library songs from Apple Music skip with crackling noise.

  • 14 November 2016
  • 4 replies


A majority of my old library's songs (that are uploaded to iCloud music library) from Apple Music gets skipped with crackling noise. A kind of noise made when we used to play scratched video dvds when were kids 😛 I have made sure that those songs play pretty nicely on the official Apple Music apps on both android, iOS, and of course, Mac, where I have the original mp3's of those songs.

Any idea on this issue? If not, please file a bug 😛

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4 replies

What happens when you play them from the Mac? Do they still have that crackling noise?

If not, I'm betting you've got some connection issues with iCloud, not with your Sonos devices.
Think I have the same issue.
Just to add. I get that crackling noise on the first song I try to play then it continues to skip songs until it finds one it likes.
@Andrew_46 Yup, same problem. @Airgetlam play them from mac in iTunes? no, the noise is only when streamed from Sonos.