Smart Playlists without iTunes

  • 8 November 2019
  • 3 replies

I have a nice collection of FLAC (i.e. not compatible with iTunes, don’t advise me to use Apple Lossless, I’ve made my choice) music and I’d like to use Smart Playlists.  What non-iTunes option(s) exist?

3 replies

hi, can you elaborate on what your expectation is for a ‘Smart’ Playlist versus the standard SONOS Playlist?

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On Zune at least a “smart playlist” was something like “anything made by artist xyz”. That is easy enough to do without a smart playlist on Sonos, just search for the artist in the Library and hit play all.

I think the OP needs to be more specific about exactly how smart (s)he wants the playlist to be.

Is “anything made by artist xyz” not the same as selecting an Artist in the SONOS Library?