SiriusXM Xtra Channels

  • 26 February 2019
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40 replies

You can play them through re SiriusXM app directly. At least on Play Ones....
You can play them through re SiriusXM app directly. At least on Play Ones....

Can you explain how to do this? I’m frustrated that the Sirius app on Sonos doesn’t have the extra channels. I have Play 3’s in kitchen and Play 1’s in other rooms.
Hi there, burtelson1. We do not have any news to share regarding the new Xtra channels to SiriusXM on Sonos. According to the SiriusXM website:
Xtra Channels are a collection of over 100 new streaming-only channels.
They are available exclusively online and on the app, with all streaming subscriptions excluding News Sports & Talk.

That said, it might be a good idea to reach out to SiriusXM about bringing this content to Sonos. In the meantime, I am happy to forward this along to the team for consideration and visibility.

Please add me to the list. I will contact Sirius also.....ugh, so not fun dealing with those people.
Thanks for the update bsorg. I’ll be calling Sirius today to voice my concerns.
For me when I open the Sirius app on my iPhone there is a little airplay icon in the center toward the bottom. If I press that my sonos Play1 speakers show up with an empty circle to the right and I click on whatever ones I want to play through. Then the music starts.....
Thanks, Jckmk. I realize now that I don’t have AirPlay compatible speakers. Sonos states that my Play 3’s and Play 1’s don’t work with Airplay.
Yup, PLAY:1s and PLAY:3s are not AirPlay 2 receiving speakers. You can group them, however, with Sonos Ones, or PLAY:5 gen 2s, and the Beam, all of which are AirPlay 2 receiving speakers.
Just one more bit of information, I have a playbar sub and two play 1 surrounds that I use for my tv sound system in addition to a few separate play1s in other rooms. When using airplay originally only the play1s that were not part of my tv surround show up when using airplay. But if I start the separate play1s with airplay through the xm app then go into the sonos app I can add the surround system and have it lay through the playbar sub and surrounds. I was trying to favorite once I got it started to see if I could add it that way but I haven’t been able to figure that part out yet.
Add me the list of customers wanting the xtra channels available through Sonos. I have also sent a note to Sirrius XM
I agree i own several Sonos products in my home and in my office. If Sonos won't work this out .. I am sure Bose would love for me to replace Sonos....!

Add me to the list Please!
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I know this is a SiriusXM problem as well but, we folk don't have the same connections with SiriusXM to get this done like SONOS does. Please add me to the list. Thanks!
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Please add me to the list. Thank you!
Does Sonos have any information on whether they will be adding these Xtra channels to the SiriusXM music service app? Sirius has just released over 100 new channels and the addition of these would be great.
I want to know the same thing. Honestly it is absurd that Sonos forces you to play every service through their streaming app and then not have the capacity to provide access to all options through that service. I pay for a subscription to SiriusXM and I should be able to play all available stations through my Sonos. Spent tons of money on these speakers and still finding myself streaming through old standard Bluetooth speakers when I want to play the new extra channels. Get your act together Sonos. You are way behind
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Honestly it is absurd that Sonos forces you to play every service through their streaming app

Except they don't.

You can use Line-In, or Airplay. Some apps such as Spotify or Google Play Music allow you to directly control your speakers too. Various ways to play audio through Sonos without having to use the Sonos Controller app.