SiriusXM stations disappeard from my Sonos apps

  • 18 May 2020
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The three Sirius stations that are on my Sonos Favorites list are still there and play fine but all the other channels no longer appear on my Sonos apps both on my iPhone and Windows 10 computers.

Sirius is still on the music services list but when I click to select a channel there a no selections available.

4 replies

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Problem arose on or around the afternoon of Fri 5/15. In another discussion of this topic there was an announcement that Sirius had identified the issue and that “they were working on it.” Still seems to be an issue for many listeners though.

I am having the same issue.  No matter what I do I can’t seem to get the channels back.  Tried both of my Sirius logins, different iOS devices and the problem is the same across all of them.  Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Sonos app to no avail.  Hopefully they are working on it as I too can only play SiriusXM through My Favorites section of the Sonos app.

I am also having issues with no channels available. It’s been over 4 days since I’ve been able to listen to any stations on Siriusxm on Sonos. When I choose Siriusxm Canada from my music source list, the 4 selections “Live Channels”, “On Demand”, “Recent”, and “Favorites” show up, however if I choose any of them, “No Selections are available” comes up. I’ve removed my Siriusxm account, re-added it and still no difference. The Siriusxm app on other iOS devices works fine. I have checked the Sonos Status site and there are no currently active issues about this particular problem with SiriusXM. 

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We are aware of the performance issues that some customers such as yourselves are encountering when streaming SiriusXM on Sonos. We have been in contact with SiriusXM and made them aware of these ongoing performance issues. At this time, Sonos recommends that you contact SiriusXM directly to report your issue. Sonos is unable to resolve these issues, it will require SiriusXM to implement fixes within their own service to alleviate what you are experiencing. Thank you.