SiriusXM On Demand scrubbing or "Fast forward / Rewind"

  • 29 November 2017
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I love Sonos, I've been using it for my home theatre setup for the past year and it's been great. Very convenient.

I decided to take advantage of the sale over the last few days and pick up a Play:1 for our kitchen, as I do a lot of cooking and spend a lot of time there.

I was really disappointed to see that despite the integration with SiriusXM and their On Demand features, I am unable to seek through an episode. Many shows are over 4 hours long (like the Howard Stern Show) and I listen throughout the day.

This makes it almost useless to me, since when I get home, I have to start the 4 hour episode over instead of starting from where I left off like the rest of SiriusXM works.

It would be great if you guys could allow us to scrub/seek through a SiriusXM show episode, or even allow us to control the sound from the SiriusXM app (just like Sonos or Pandora).

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Hello, tauntobr. Thank you for sharing your experience. I will be happy to forward your feature request along to the team. Thanks again for your feedback.
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25 replies

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Hello, tauntobr. Thank you for sharing your experience. I will be happy to forward your feature request along to the team. Thanks again for your feedback.
I am new to Sonos. I was looking for a good wireless system, and through online research, Sonos seems to be the wise choice. I too am a Howard Stern fan and was extremely upset to find out that while using the Sirius app through Sonos you are unable to fwd/rwd. Very surprising since Sonos is heavily advertised on his show. Seems that Sirius and Sonos should work flawlessly together with all there promotion. Without this function using Sirius is almost useless which is 50% of why I purchased Sonos. Extremely disappointed.
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I am finding this limitation very annoying as well. Even if I start the SiriusXM show on the Sonos app on my Android and then pause it for more then 10-15 will restart the show from the begining when I push play again. If I pause though for only a couple of will continue where it left off.
I love my Sonos, but I'm hesitant to put more One's in my house as I am finding this feature (or lack of) to be a huge setback. Is there any work or consideration of making this feature available?
Agreed! Would be great if the developers could address this ASAP.

Many thanks!
Any update on this, I Airplay to my Apple TV but I 100% agree its a pain in the butt.
Not only would this be a welcomed feature addition, but it quite actually is a bug as today I have paused a several hour on demand broadcast for a brief phonecall, and when i tried to resume the content it started from the beginning. I now cannot fast forward to the place I was at, and wont listen to the 1-2 hours of content again to get back to that spot. Please add FF/Rewind functionality if possible. Thank you!
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The fascination with voice activation boggles me mind - I'd prefer development resources dedicated to the item discussed in this thread, or Audible integration.

Less swooning over voice commands and more falling in love with making the Sonos App better would be great. Thanks in advance.
I also bought a new play one (my 4th overall 5th if you count my playbar) for my home office and discovered that not only can you not pause and start where you left off but you can't fast forward. Very frustrating. Considering returning and purchasing a bluetooth!
The lack of scrubbing is very frustrating, given that SiriusXM is one of the more expensive monthly subscription platforms on Sonos. SiriusXM's app, while terrible and inconsistent, at least allows you to scrub. I dont wan't Alexa to do it, and I'm fine if she is never able to...I'm totally cool if we can only do it from the app.
@bambambam What is "scrub"
@alarario being able to fast forward/rewind using a mouse, etc. to move to a different place in the content...Think of like an app like iTunes or Spotify where you can manually fast forward, rewind, etc. using your finger (or a mouse)...
I have been waiting for this feature for over two years and I am absolutely tired of having no ability to fast forward or skip to the chapters available in the SoriusXM app. Everyday I listen to the Howard Stern Show and I expected to be able to stream it with no issue but due to an inability to pickup where I left off in my car, I end up using headphones instead of my 7 Sonos Speakers and Peripherals.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add this function ASAP. I am not alone as many listen to podcasts and audiobooks over Sonos and the only way it works is if we can seek through the content with fast forwars or rewind. Make this happen!!!
Sonos- I am shocked that this is not a thing. I'm also a HUGE Howard Stern fan and listen throughout the day. Without scrubbing abilities, I find the integration with SiriusXM and their On Demand features to be useless. Instead of utilizing my Sonos set-up, I'm using the Sirius app and a small speaker with poor sound quality to listen to Howard. Extremely disappointed! 😠
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Forget scrubing (fast forward and rewind) - you can't even pause a show for more than 5 minutes before it resets to 0.

I mean seriously? Do the programmers at Sonos even use the product? Who does the Q/A? In what universe is this even
remotely reasonable expected behavior? Wow...
come on Sonos, are you even reading these?!?
you charge waaay to much for this huge problem with your software. kind if defeats the point of your product if i have to plug my phone in and use the android siriusxm app for basic functionality.
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come on Sonos, are you even reading these?!?
you charge waaay to much for this huge problem with your software. kind if defeats the point of your product if i have to plug my phone in and use the android siriusxm app for basic functionality.

Clearly, the technology is there for the "pause" since it works for about 5 minutes. Why not give us indefinite pausing or something more reasonable like 30 minutes?

They are so obsessed with the overrated / fad voice technology and their upcoming IPO I don't they really care whether or not their product does common sense things that everyone wants.

Very frustrating.
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The whole point of on demand is being able to listen "on demand". What good is a 5 hour show if you always have to listen from the beginning each time? Let's go Sonos!! Fix this wicked oversight in your product's software.
Sonos, do you read your customer feedback? Let’s get things moving on this... it’s been over a year.
Agreed. Crazy feature that would make Sonos even better.
It's highly disappointing that my Sonos doesn't allow me to fast forward through a program, particularly shows like Howard Stern or any other on demand content. It really doesn't appear that Sonos is addressing this issue or it's customers. This should be a basic feature as it makes listening to on demand content almost useless unless you have endless time to listen from the beginning of each program, which most of us are unable to do. Come on Sonos, get it together!
This problem is absolutely infuriating, I have this issue with dark wave on first wave, I’m breaking out my Bose plug in because of it. Soooo f$#@ed.
Can we get an update on why this feature hasnt been in an update.. sux u cant just connect from the "connect device" feature in sirius app straight to the sonos.. either way make the fast foward available please cant use this app in the sonos app unless its fixed..
This is super frustrating. The SiriusXM standalone app allows this but the Sonos interface does not. Really disappointed after setting my new place up with a beam and 2 play 1s. Can’t imagine this is a difficult fix.
Hey can we get an update on this? I agree that there ought to be a scrub feature for Sirius XM. Trying to listen to The Howard Stern Show is tough, as it's over 3 hours long and impossible to fast forward. Please help us with a fix on this issue! Thank you!