SiriusXM Encoding Error

I added SiriusXM to Sonus I can see the stations but whenever i try to play a station I get the message "unable to play '(station number station name) -the song is not encoded correctly" I deleted and again added the account same results.

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Can't connect to SiriusXM yet again. Number is 7752695. It says 'Unable to play the selected item'. It's been happening all morning. Yes, I can stream other services via Sonos. And yes, I can listen to Sirius on Grace Digital. So..... it's a combination of Sirius and Sonos. This has been happening ALOT!!!
Just checked. Sirius is working! Thanks for fixing. Hopefully it's a hard fix.
Same problem. Removed SiriusXM account and added it back. Account is added just fine, but not able to play any of the channels. Ran diagnostics - 7729760.
Same problem. As suggested, ran diagnostics. here is the confirmation number 7730027. I used my sonos for months and to not have it working with Sirius is no fun. Please send help
I have been having the same problem periodically for the last few months. It is happening again right now.... Submitted diagnostic 7730023.
Same problem here. Everything else works on sonos and SiriusXM works on my phone... but no SiriusXM on Sonos.
Sonos appears to be having a connectivity problem. Mine was working fine this afternoon I left the house for some errands and when I got back No Connectivity. I troubleshot my entire system and still it's out. I contacted Sonos Support. No word back as of 9:53 pm
I added SiriusXM to Sonus I can see the stations but whenever i try to play a station I get the message "unable to play '(station number station name) -the song is not encoded correctly" I deleted and again added the account same results. I am having the exact same problem. My daughter, who is in a geographically separated location is having the same problem. 1130 PM Central Time.
I have the same issue, since at least two months... this happens on all my players (4) please keep us aware of the progress, i pay for this sirius account. If i can not listen to it, i will cancel this subscription.
i submitted a diagnostic, number 7694503
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I have the "not encoded correctly" issue with SiriusXM Symphony Hall. When this occurs, at least as far as I have noticed, it always happens during the playing of a piece. The selection will be playing and suddenly stop. Restart attempt gets the message. I am always able to resume play, but only after varying lengths of time. Sometimes I'll be able to restart during the same piece that failed, sometimes only after the station has moved on. There have been a few instances where this behavior has occurred while the announcer was talking. I had a "encoded" problem arise a few minutes ago. The diagnostic number is 7653083.
same problem. diagnoatic 7643016
spectrum/time warner cable in NY,NY
Hey there, I'm also having the same issue but more specifically when trying to stream a custom SiriusXM channel. Diagnostic number 7542230.
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Omar - where do I find the SiriusXM channel on TuneIn - I can't find it?
Mike, SiriusXM is not a channel on TuneIn. It's a separate service available in the US (and maybe Canada?) that requires a subscription. You need to either pay for online streaming or have a satellite radio package that includes online streaming - I believe it's the All Access plan that includes it - in order to access SiriusXM on your Sonos, as well as other devices they support.
Omar - where do I find the SiriusXM channel on TuneIn - I can't find it?
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Hi folks,

The best way for us to find out why these problems are occurring is to submit a diagnostic and post the confirmation number. The diagnostics provide us with a snapshot of your Sonos system so we can better determine why these problems are occurring and find a solution for you.

If you are unable to submit diagnostics or would like to work with us live please contact our Customer Care team directly and we will get your system up and running as intended again.
Continue to experience issues with connecting to SiriusXM. NOTHING on my side has changed in the 18 months I've had my Sonos. Stop blaming everything else, and fix the problem. There are enough folks with issues to demonstrate that something is wrong other than my local wifi.
I've having this intermittent issue a lot today. Its not the network. Guessing its the stream from SiriusXM? Local music and other streaming services (TuneIn, SoundCloud, Plex) all work fine...
Nothing has changed from your perspective, I suspect something has changed in the background. There's a lot of things that can change without our knowledge in local wifi networks, we rejoice as we are blissfully unaware. Unfortunately, though, things do update without our knowledge. Many virus / firewall programs update in the background without our intervention, and power surges have the potential to change things in our routers. Neighbors move in next door with devices that cause additional interference, etc. Sonos is one of the few devices that is super sensitive to changes in the wifi environment, due to the method by which it uses a connection. Computers have a better chance of hiding issues in the network environment, but Sonos speakers don't. Even something as simple as a Sonos app update can expose issues.

Best of luck!
Thanks, Bruce. I'll look into this when I have more time. At this point, all I can tell you affirmatively is that nothing in my set-up has changed in three years. This problem is a new development. I'll keep you posted, and thanks again for your detailed follow-up.
One of the things I noticed that I didn't mention is that different streams are sensitive to different levels of interference, which is why in some cases, stream X works, but stream Y breaks up. And it might be useful to know what happens when you're streaming local music, either from your NAS, HD, or mobile device.
Well, the data that would be in that diagnostic would probably go a much longer way than someone like me guessing what the issue is based on your description, since there are many potentials with your local wifi, but since you can't do that, let's try the old fashioned method. So, you're having trouble with Sirius XM, and when you try to submit a diagnostic, you're told it can't. That indicates an issue with your controller (and technically, the speaker ) having trouble reaching the internet to actually submit the log files that would give the folks at Sonos a better indication of what might be happening.

So, let me ask you: Are there other streaming sources that you're having issues with, or is it only SiriusXM?

A few of the things I'd try as potential fixes would be to reboot my router. And frankly, what I'd do first is unplug from the power the speaker(s) you have first. Then reboot the router, and then plug back in your speakers, one at a time, waiting about a minute or two between each (assuming you have more than one!), which would allow each one enough time to reboot and request a new IP address.

I'd also be looking around each speaker for potential sources of interference, be it wireless phones, wireless printers, baby monitors, webcams, pretty much anything that emits an electric (or wifi) signal. The speaker would ideally be at least 3 feet (1 meter) away from these, but perhaps more, especially, I'm told, if it's a baby monitor, which apparently spam a lot of interference.

You also haven't indicated if you have one device wired directly to your router or whether you're in "Standard" mode. In the former, I'd recommend changing the SonosNet channel, in the latter, I'd recommend changing the broadcast channel your router is on, and turning off any "auto" channel selection, if it has one.

Post back after you've tried these, to let us know. My knowledge only goes so far, and there are members of this board who have much more experience and knowledge than I do who might help, especially if you can give us a little more information. And of course, if we can get you to the point where you can actually submit that diagnostic, it would reveal volumes to the folks from Sonos, I would bet.
Hi Bruce. I've tried three times to submit a system diagnostic this afternoon. The response each time: "Your diagnostic information could not be sent at this time. Click 'Try Again' to try sending the information again, or click 'Done' to try again later."

My Sonos system's problematic symptoms seem to be shared by many, many users . . . Yet, Sonos still has no remedy, aside from submitting each individual's diagnostic code?
Matty J,

My previous post remains valid. Please submit a system diagnostic and post a number here, so that the folks from Sonos can help you.
Same problem here. Started three days ago. Very frustrating.
roc, I'd recommend taking the advice that Dominique Z suggested, and submit a system diagnostic and post the number here, so you can get further help.