SiriusXM Encoding Error

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Omar - where do I find the SiriusXM channel on TuneIn - I can't find it?
Mike, SiriusXM is not a channel on TuneIn. It's a separate service available in the US (and maybe Canada?) that requires a subscription. You need to either pay for online streaming or have a satellite radio package that includes online streaming - I believe it's the All Access plan that includes it - in order to access SiriusXM on your Sonos, as well as other devices they support.
Hey there, I'm also having the same issue but more specifically when trying to stream a custom SiriusXM channel. Diagnostic number 7542230.
same problem. diagnoatic 7643016
spectrum/time warner cable in NY,NY
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I have the "not encoded correctly" issue with SiriusXM Symphony Hall. When this occurs, at least as far as I have noticed, it always happens during the playing of a piece. The selection will be playing and suddenly stop. Restart attempt gets the message. I am always able to resume play, but only after varying lengths of time. Sometimes I'll be able to restart during the same piece that failed, sometimes only after the station has moved on. There have been a few instances where this behavior has occurred while the announcer was talking. I had a "encoded" problem arise a few minutes ago. The diagnostic number is 7653083.
I have the same issue, since at least two months... this happens on all my players (4) please keep us aware of the progress, i pay for this sirius account. If i can not listen to it, i will cancel this subscription.
i submitted a diagnostic, number 7694503
I added SiriusXM to Sonus I can see the stations but whenever i try to play a station I get the message "unable to play '(station number station name) -the song is not encoded correctly" I deleted and again added the account same results. I am having the exact same problem. My daughter, who is in a geographically separated location is having the same problem. 1130 PM Central Time.
Sonos appears to be having a connectivity problem. Mine was working fine this afternoon I left the house for some errands and when I got back No Connectivity. I troubleshot my entire system and still it's out. I contacted Sonos Support. No word back as of 9:53 pm
Same problem here. Everything else works on sonos and SiriusXM works on my phone... but no SiriusXM on Sonos.
I have been having the same problem periodically for the last few months. It is happening again right now.... Submitted diagnostic 7730023.
Same problem. As suggested, ran diagnostics. here is the confirmation number 7730027. I used my sonos for months and to not have it working with Sirius is no fun. Please send help
Same problem. Removed SiriusXM account and added it back. Account is added just fine, but not able to play any of the channels. Ran diagnostics - 7729760.
Just checked. Sirius is working! Thanks for fixing. Hopefully it's a hard fix.
Can't connect to SiriusXM yet again. Number is 7752695. It says 'Unable to play the selected item'. It's been happening all morning. Yes, I can stream other services via Sonos. And yes, I can listen to Sirius on Grace Digital. So..... it's a combination of Sirius and Sonos. This has been happening ALOT!!!