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  • 7 February 2017
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Hello All -
Are there any oldies like me out there who buy albums rather than individual tracks? I would really like to have a Shuffle Albums options alongside Shuffle Tracks. I can't abide the Ipodisation of music where it's broken down into individual tracks.
Maybe if enough people pester Sonos they could add this function? I've suggested it to them myself but got nowhere.
Are there any downsides to having this as a function?

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4 replies

(Or is there already a way of doing it that I haven't discovered? Denis)
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Actually I think this is a neat suggestion. It especially makes sense for classical music where shuffling of movements is really bad!

I suppose you could create 1 large file with the whole album (ie join all the songs together) and then add those to a Playlist and shuffle.

It would be a bit clunky.
As to making it a suggestion then Sonos should see it and may, or may not!, implement it.
I actually already do something like that in iTunes....import the CDs as a single track, so that there's no "shuffling". Works well on classical, and some other tracks that I need to stay together. Then Sonos just sees them as a single track, and I believe the term is: "Bob's your uncle".
I have done this for years on iTunes and frustrated that it isn’t available on Sonos especially given the number of times it has been requested. How can you say you are an audiophile and accept it scrambling the contents of a Pink Floyd album. Come now Sonos, get with it and let us be able to have the app randomly pick albums yet play the album straight through in order.