• 28 March 2016
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Having just bought 2 X Play 1 I wanted to be able to acces saved Shazam favourites as Sonos speakers not AirPlay compatible. Received totally unsatisfactory reply from Sonos which did not address or answer my question why they do not support Shazam or when the intend to do this. Referred me to the Community so if anyone else feels this would be useful please lobby for it.

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8 replies

I suggest reading this link, which explains how a music service gets added to Sonos. In short, any service can access Sonos' Music Partners for free and be added to Sonos, but they have to want to do it. There is no way Sonos can force a service to integrate. So you should be lobbying Shazam, not Sonos:
Many thanks god that-- very helpful and would have been good if Sonos has said that
Hi, you can just add Apple Music and within Sonos select Apple Music -> Playlists -> My Shazam Titles.
I got the same very unhelpful reply from Sonos to the same question- completely unsatisfactory and they should do something about this
It's likely much more of an "Apple needs to fix this" issue. Apple needs to push that data through the Sonos pipe so that it could be picked up by the Sonos app. Sonos doesn't have control over what Apple sends to them, only Apple does.
What about the android users? I cant even find a way to link Shazam to itunes on my android...far less for pushing through to Sonos.
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If you have an Apple Music subscription, all your Shazam tracks are instantly available to play within the Sonos app by simply selecting: Apple Music > My Music > Playlists > My Shazam Tracks. Bingo, problem solved. 😃
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I have Apple Music and use the my Shazam playlist daily in Sonos.