share playlist with a friend

  • 23 June 2019
  • 4 replies

I would like to share a long Sonos playlist with a friend. He has Sonos and utilises a different streaming service but even a list of the tracks into a document would be something. Is this possible?

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4 replies

There's no way (currently) to export even a text file of a Sonos playlist. It's been asked for for years, but so far hasn't made it to the list of things to be included in a software update.

OTOH, if it's a playlist from another streamer, it may be possible from their system, just not the Sonos system.
That’s a shame, especially if there is demand for it. Thank you for your reply. I had the choice of making the playlist with my streaming service or Sonos and I made the wrong decision unfortunately.
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Here is where I explain how to export a Sonos playlist, and another user explains how to import it into a different Napster account:
Thank you controlav