several cbc radio stations periodically vanish

  • 20 January 2020
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Just enjoying our new MOVEs (is that the correct plural?).

In the app, I can add CBC radio, and I can get all the CBC radio stations.  Except that sometimes, a bunch of them are missing.  Including Ottawa (where I live) and Toronto, and everything east of Sudbury west of Quebec City.

I have added two speakers, and installed the app on two phones.  It seems to be the same on both.  If I look under CBC radio right now, Ottawa (and others) are not there; they definitely were there before.  In fact I added CBC Ottawa to “My Sonos” and it is still there, but “unable to play the selected item”.

Just for comparison, I have been listening to CBC radio over the internet and from the CBC app for years now and it has always been there.

3 replies

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Many radio stations have moved from TuneIn (which is the default radio provider to Sonos) to iHeartRadio (and another provider whose name I cannot recall). When this happens they vanish from the Radio search feature, and existing Favorites will no longer work.

Try searching for the stations under iheartradio instead, and if that fails get the real station streaming url and use the PC controller to add the url directly as a Favorite.

Hi controlav,

I was actually getting them from the CBC radio app within Sonos.  They don’t dissappear permanently; usually come back within a day.  There are many CBC stations listed; only the ones nearest to me (!) vanish.  Rebooting the speaker/phone doesn’t help.  They just come back eventually, and then the favourites work again.

I found the same station available on TuneIn, and that one seems stable.

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Send us a diagnostic report and reply back with the confirmation number so I can take a closer look at your issue.