Setting up a Music Share for Sonos 2 ( raspberry pi 4 Model B / samba server)

  • 23 June 2022
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Hi Community,

I have spent the good part of a week trying different options to be able to mount my music library to Sonos 2.  None had worked and I was almost going to give up.  and then I had the great idea to use a RaspberryPi 4 Model B and set up a simple samba server (on an external USB SSD drive).

It works a treat and there is no reverting to SMBv1 or anything .. its fast and secure and all of my music is now available  .. I am sharing this in case anyone else experiences issues trying to get their personal  music library added to Sonos 2 

Happy to share the details with anyone else that needs it

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3 replies

Where was the music stored originally then?

I’ve never had problems with accessing network shares, from S1 or S2. Currently my library is on solid state storage connected to a router, fetched using SMBv2.

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I’m a fan of using a Pi and a SSD for Sonos too, works great. I don’t have another SMB server available on my LAN.

If you don’t have another server available I’d recommend giving the Pi option a look.

If you have an older S1 setup that needs SMB v1 a Pi can also serve as a gateway from your current NAS so you can keep it more secure.

Certain routers (my Asus, for example, or Synology NAS) have problems with Samba-to-Sonos, even if the router works nicely with other clients…. I shall start another post on this.