Second spotify account on sonos

  • 26 March 2018
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Hello, we are unsuccessfull at adding a second spotify account tour sonos app (ios), does someone have a step by step procedure for spotify? we were able to do it very easily with apple music but can’t do it with spotify. Thanks!

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5 replies

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If the way apple music worked is the same way Spotify did when I added apple.

On the phone you want to add a second Spotify account ..... login the Spotify app with the Spotify account you are going to want to add.

Then go into Sonos app....settings... my music services... add another account... chose Spotify.... add to sonos...connect to Spotify.

this was on iPhone I was going through these options.

I think the secret is having the new account logged in first in the Spotify app itself.

Once done - when you go to sonos app browse...choose Spotify .... the top header of Spotify will show the account your controller is currently using - click on the header to switch between accounts.
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Thanks Chris, it is indeed working now! Take care!
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Hé Chris, can i pick your brain regarding something else? Recently the music started to stop regularly, it seems to be happening more with spotify but it also happens with stingray. I saw some posts where people wer suggesting to reserve ip addresses, is this a good idea? We have a play-5, 3 ones and a connect. I’m curious if alexa could also be part of the mix?? Thanks!
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I would suggest powering down these devices, allowing each to complete it's boot sequence before moving to the next device:

- Router
- Any wired network switch
- Any wired Sonos product
- All other Sonos produces

A few questions:

1/ Is this on one speaker or all?
2/ Are you using a standard (Wi-Fi) setup or Boost (One device connected via Ethernet cable)?
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Good morming Chris, altough your day is in full swing in your neck of the woods,the speaker that i use the most is the 5 in the dining-room/boudoir, the ones (2 sonos one)in our room are basically only use to fall asleep and we did not notice any stopping episode, our daughter did not mention anything and she uses the one(sonos one) in her room quite a bit, so mainly the 5. We have a boost connected to the router. I power cycle the router and it seems to be a bit better. Hopefully it’s going to remain stable. Take care.