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  • 10 February 2019
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I am still pretty new with Sonos, but also with Spotify and YouTube Music.

If I search an artist within the Sonos app, I only get a list with albums, not separate songs. If I filter on songs, I can not enter the artists name, but have to enter a specific song name.

In the Spotify app I can search for an artist and get a complete list with his or her songs. After that I can choose to play it on my Sonos.

In the YouTube Music app I can also search for an artist and get a list with songs, but I can not choose to play it with my Sonos.

So I have 2 questions:
- Can I search in the Sonos app for an artist, but get a list with songs? Maybe I am searching in the wrong way.
- Can I search in the YouTube Music app and play the finds on my Sonos (without adding it to the playlist)?

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3 replies

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Hi, bnw. Every service is responsible for how their search function works within our application. I will forward this feedback for you. As for your second question, I believe you are asking whether you can play directly to your system using the YouTube music application? This is possible but only via Airplay on an Apple device.
Hi Edward,

Tnx for your reply. This is clear now! And thank you for forwarding!

Also the answer about YouTube Music is clear now. Maybe this will be added in the Future? YouTube Music is pretty new and the integration within Sonos is even newer....
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No problem at all! It is indeed a very new service, especially for us. I know it was highly anticipated and I'm happy that we now have it integrated. The best part about these things is that they are generally improved over time. Feedback such as yours makes this possible - thank you very much. Do let us know if you need anything else. All the best.