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I've got an 8500 Sq foot house, entirely powered by Sonos - the only product I don't own is the playbase. My wife recently picked up an Amazon Echo and put it in the kitchen - she loves it and never uses the two play 3s anymore because she can just ask Alexa to play anything from our Spotify account. Now she wants more in the house - please for the love of all that is good give us a clue on when we can expect to see Alexa integration. The Play 5 - Echo Dot solution is terrible - we've heard it's coming on the forums for awhile - if it doesn't come soon my Sonos system will start collecting dust as my wife starts filling the house with Echos.

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I invested in Sonos the High-Fidelity-Multi-Room-System four years ago, not in Sonos the Wannabe-StarTrek-AI-Supertoy and neither I'd like to see them 'regenerating' into one.
Just speaking for myself, Alexa could add considerable convenience to my Sonos/Spotify alliance. Starting a playlist in one room then moving to another involves getting out my phone, grouping, ungrouping, etc. I'm not crying big tears over my plight, but if she were to be well implemented, Alexa could be much more useful than just wowing my friends with voice control.
It is still not possible to group/ungroup the units from the Spotify app without getting redirected to the Sonos Controller, so don't hold your breath on that score.
Which points to the complexity of the system. I'd love to see the design specifications doc for the voice implementation, to see what things they've chosen to include, and what they haven't. But I suppose I'll see the implementation soon enough. But still, writing that spec must have been fun, and required a bunch of back and forth with programmers. 🙂
I agree with Airgetlam. The design sessions would be fun, and really crucial to what features are even possible in the future. They could go with something rather basic to get basic features out the door today, but that could limit future enhancement, or at least make them a lot harder to bring to market.

There is also the aspect that you'll have to coordinate with Amazon developers as well. Figuring out who's going to be responsibly for implementing what could be a real challenge.

From what we've seen though, it looks like at least some of the configuration/setup will be on the Amazon side of things.