Samba - raspi 3 - only see directory - even SMB1

  • 24 June 2022
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I set up my Raspi-3 with Samba and the Sonos App only sees the directory with no files inside, even if I set SMB1.  My PC sees the aac files inside just fine.

Any ideas?



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Do the files meet the Sonos requirements?


You might take a look at my notes and see if there is anything there that helps.

SMB v1 NAS for Sonos or


Does the Sonos show that it is indexing the library?

If all else fails try adding the library again, when it finishes/fails submit a diagnostic and contact Sonos support with the ID number. Just sending the diagnostic does nothing.

Thanks. I tried those settings and it didn’t seem to help. I’ll create a diagnostic and open a ticket. Thanks!

For some reason it sees MP3 files but not AAC files. Any idea where that would be?