I have 2 little wireless speakers with usb ports on them each cost under 20 dollars. Both play thumb drive content effortlessly. I now have spent a fortune on sonos products and modems to attach a usb drive to the sonos system and play music on higher quality sonos speakers Well forget about doing this as it is so easy for the sonos app to just display error messages. Imagine for under 20 dollars you can plug an external drive into a speaker and enjoy music no programming no techie stuff. Now I pursue this Sonos boondoggle and not even the tech support people can screen share and find the path to the music on a modem with a usb port and usb drive connected. Ridiculous frustrating and bizarre. For under 20 dollars my external drive is playing through my wireless speaker bluetooth speaker also has a feature to plug in external drive no issues there either Why is this such a problem who designed this mess Still can’t even post as I have to guess what else do they want before it can post Sub Forum you bet Sub Forum as in what a hole they have dug

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Thanks for the welcome but the whole point is to get resolution to problems with the product but thanks for being cordial I am listening to my 20 dollar bluetooth speaker with my external hard drive plugged into it no programming no technical issues it just works for 20 dollars and imagine I’ve spen about a thousand dollars on Sonos equipment to stream some radio stations which I do with my phone so sad my library on the hard drive connected to the modem/router is not accessible as Sonos has created more excuses as to why it doesn’t work More error messages than Carter has Liver Pills Path this Path that wow just connect and play my music Back to cassette tapes i guess SAD!!

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I gather your “problem with the product” is that you cannot play music from a thumb drive? First: I cannot understand your disappointment because Sonos does not advertise as a feature the possibility to play directly from a thumb drive. If you spend a lot of money, you have to read up on things before buying - or risk being disappointed.

To your problem. If you can play the music on your drive if you plug it in your router is totally dependent on your router. Some router have USB-connections, but can’t be used in this way. A NAS would be an option, but if there are less than 50.000 songs on you thumb drive I would upload them to Google Music free and add that as a music service. I would agree this is less of a solution but rather a work around. You can start by reading this:

Thanks for the welcome but the whole point is to get resolution to problems with the product

Was it? I thought it was just a rant. I didn't discern any request for assistance 

Can you determine an IP address for the drive? If you have a Windows PC,  how does the drive appear in Explorer?