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Hi forum! For some reason, since updating to the latest update (version 8.2) my Apple Music connection seems to be being strange. If I download a new album via Apple Music, it downloads correctly but it doesn’t add to My Music on the Sonos app. If I add that same downloaded album to a playlist, it appears! I’m unsure why therefore if it will display in a playlist, why it doesn’t just show up in My Music under the correct artist or album?!

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Library updates aren't copying through to Sonos. Removed the service, and re-added. Looks like something broken in the link between Sonos and Apple Music API.
I have had a number of issues with Sonos not playing a large chunk of my Apple Music library (I haven't been able to "shuffle all songs" for a long time - always gives an error and a lot of music just won't play. I have had a couple of issues with the library on my iPhone as well so I decided to start from scratch and rebuild my library.

I removed all music from the library and have added one album on Apple music but no matter what I do, I cannot get Sonos to update to show that. It is still showing an old list of artists and it will not update to show my the current status of my library. I have tried removing Apple Music and then adding it again. I have also factory reset all of the speakers and set up as a new system - when adding Apple Music, it is going back to how it was before. At this stage, my Sonos system is now useless as it will not let me play any of my library.

Does anyone know how to flush the Apple Music sonos index so I can start from scratch in Sonos?
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BTW This has only come in after upgrading to 8.2 and it's happening with all Apple Music accounts on my many Sonos speakers. Any newly added music isn't appearing on Sonos speakers.
sorry to excite you with a response but i'm having the same issue.

someone recently downloaded a bunch of music from a USB to my itunes - i've since deleted it all and despite that my sonos has not updated and it all still shows in folders (but not files, i can't even play it)

then similarly - anything i've downloaded SINCE then does not show up in my apple music account. I could always search for the individual albums through apple music on Sonos but that is a hassle.
A response saying that someone else has the issue is better than nothing! Hopefully there is a solution or something that can be addressed in a software release?
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This is the case for me as well. Yet again, another break in the Apple Music integration with SONOS.
I also cannot get My Music in Apple Music through SONOS to update as of yesterday. No issues whatsoever through Apple Music on Apple TV, iPhone, or Mac.
And SONOS had only just recently finally - after weeks - fixed their issue with Apple Music Playlists and Recently Added showing up blank when accessed through SONOS.
I've already contacted support and am waiting to hear back. Whoever's fault this is - Apple or SONOS or both - the Apple Music integration in SONOS has - since the beginning - been crappy, incomplete, repeatedly broken, and not updated to its latest features found in through iOS, MacOS, tvOS, etc.
Airplay 2 can't come fast enough...
I'm experiencing the same difficulty. However, playlists aren't reliably updating either. Looking forward to a solution.
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Phew. At least it’s not just me. I have a call scheduled for Monday to sort it. Will let you know where we get to.
same thing here
I made a new playlist earlier today. It is synchronised between my Mac and iPhone but it is not shown on the Sonos app...
This is happening for me too.
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This ain't helping anyone but I have the same problem. Everything is up dated I have re-installed the app etc on my iMac but my updated itunes library will not download to my Sonos. I have also noticed the my 'Recently Added' link in my Apple Music/My Music link stopped up dating a day or so ago. I have tried several times to add new music, it appears in my itunes library but not in Sonos despite me up dating my Sonos library several times.

The fault does not appear to be my end .... Can anyone help us please?
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I’m glad to find this thread - I’ve spent the afternoon trying to work out why both my wife’s and my Apple Music libraries weren’t updating in Sonos. Tried removing the service from Sonos and re-adding, but the entries were out of date after adding.

I’ll add another fault report to Sonos support.

Sorry I can’t provide a solution, but at least you know you’re not alone!
The more people with an issue makes it more likely to be addressed!
Yes I’m having the same issue after updating. Sonos needs to fix this
Experiencing the same issue. Playlists that are created in Apple Music are not showing up in the Sonos app. Tried unconnecting the account and then reconnecting. Did not help.
Same problem here. Added music in Apple Music, and it doesn't show up on my Sonos system.
Same issue. Recently added items not being updated. Deleted account, app etc and reinstalled but no change.
Mine was working perfectly until about 2 days ago. Now, I can add things to my Apple Music in the Apple Music app, but nothing updates in the SONOS App. For example, I will download "Artist X - Album X" in the Apple Music App and it shows and plays in the Apple Music App, but when I browse Apple Music within the SONOS App, it doesn't show "Artist X" at all. I tried removing and re-adding the Apple Music service to SONOS but that doesn't fix anything.
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There are several threads around on the same subject. 8.2 seems to be the culprit. I have same problem and am awaiting the patch quickly please Sonos. Widespread problem.
Glad to find this thread. I’m having the same problem as of yesterday. Albums added to Apple Music now will not update on Sonos. At least I am not alone. Fingers crossed!!
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Sonos if you are monitoring this my diagnostic is 8106174
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I am on the phone to them now. It seems to be a known problem.... Still on the call. Stand by!
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They have everything they need - think it could be an old bug has crept back into a build - will report back to the community when I hear back from them. Keep the faith, Sonos owners. Back soon.