Requesting Smart Playlists availability through Apple Music

  • 6 March 2017
  • 4 replies

Hello....I'd like to see Apple Music's smart playlists become available on Sonos. I hope I'm not the only one who would welcome this feature request. Thanks in advance.

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4 replies

Hey, nacho220,

Make sure you make the same request on whatever forum Apple has for this as well. I don't think this is strictly a "Sonos needs to implement", I suspect it's a shared responsibility, and of the two, I'd bet Apple isn't reading anything in these boards.
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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll pass it on for you to our team.
This is my most awaited feature with Sonos since the release of apple music on Sonos. Actually I wonder that this seems not that high requested here.

With Apple Music I am using Smart Playlists again to collect my own and "rented" music into different playlists.

I thought Sonos is working on this since the beginning and that there must be a problem that this is not possible yet.

Would really appreciate any work on this in the near future!
Once Apple Music can be used on Sonos via its native app as is the case with Spotify now, this along with other features in the native Apple Music app will be available through Sonos with no other effort in this direction. When that will be, remains a mystery.