Renaming Track Titles

  • 4 October 2005
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I'm looking for a tool for easily renaming titles of FLAC files. The ones out there , like Tag & Rename, seem designed for editing and renaming File names, but not the titles. I'm not sure why this is important. Since I organize all of my music in folders, the files could all be 01 Track1, 02 Track 2, etc.

Specifically, I want to reorganize all of my compilation albums so that the Artist field is 'Various Artisis' and the Title is 'Title - Artist'. That way, I won't have a bazillion names showing up when I sort by artist, but will still be able to find an artist by searching and will be able to see them when browsing the tracks on an album.

Anyway, Tag & Rename certainly won't do this (unless I manually edit every single track) and I haven't found another tool that will. Any advice would be appreciated.

Ken D

5 replies

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So, you want to go from:


Filename : Track 01.flac
Title : My Song Title
Artist : My Song Artist



Filename : Track 01.flac
Title : My Song Artist - My Song Title
Artist : Various Artists

Is this correct?

-The Captain
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If you are willing to also carry the artist in the file name, Tag&Rename makes it very easy to do this.

1. When ripping album, put all tracks in the same album, rather than creating a directory for each artist. The directory structure I use looks like:

[genere]\Various Artists\[album]\[track number xx]. [track]

2. Rip album, with each track carrying its own artist.

3. Use Tag&Rename to preserve original artist name in track file name and track title, and make all artist tags be the same.

- Open album in Tag&Rename
- Select all tracks

- On Rename files (F2) tab page, set File name mask to
%6. %2 - %1
This assumes track file names are to have track number.
I prefer to carry the artist in parenthesis, so I use:
%6. %2 (by %1)
- Press Rename button

- On Get tags from file name (F4) tab page, set File name mask to:
%6. %2
- Press Write Tags button

- On Multi file tag editor (F3) page, check Artist box, and set the Artist field to: Various Artists
- Press Save Tags button.

Some compilation albums already have the artist name in the track title (e.g. Some Track - Some Artist). In such a case you can either just leave it alone, or extract the artist name with Tag&Rename with a suitable File name mask (e.g. %6. %2 - %1).

Sorry for the delay in posting this; I hope it is still useful.
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Might I recommend mp3tag. Check it out at

It's very powerful and best of all FREE. You can come up with quite a few different custom "actions" to perform on files and tags.
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thanks. I'll check it out. I'd rather not have to add the artist name to the file name as in the previous post.