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I dont want sonos radio.  I already have a subscription service and don’t need another one.  Or the sonos radio ads.  How do I get the icon off my “Browse” list? I’ve tried all the suggestions I’ve found so far, including hitting the icon and then selecting a “remove” button (there isn’t one) and going to the online site and opting out there (no option).

I know some will say that it shouldn’t bug me or that it’s just a part of the app, but I reject both of those ideas.


Best answer by GuitarSuperstar 17 July 2021, 21:38

Sonos Radio cannot be removed from the Sonos app.

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Sonos Radio cannot be removed from the Sonos app.

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@snerdly I completely understand, you want to keep it simple and don’t want to be “sold” on a regular basis. I on the other hand am a “paid” subscriber of five different services (most are free because of circumstances). Apple paid as part of Apple One, Amazon for free because of Prime, Calm because I am an educator and I got it for free, SiriusXM for free because I was grandfathered in being one of the original subscribers when it first came out; and then my paid Sonos Radio HD subscription that we listen to 70% of the time at home. That doesn’t even include another dozen free services that I have on my Sonos such as Pandora, LiveXLive, etc.. The reasons why are quite simple for us-variety, flexibility & uniqueness. Their is a big swing between, Yacht Rock on SiriusXM, Cruise Control on Sonos HD Radio, Light Rock on Amazon, Pandora or just having a Jack Johnson/Jimmy Buffet playlist. Technically, you would argue that they are all similar but they have just enough difference to make it fun. I apologize if this comes across as patronizing or in some other way, that is not my intention; my point is just to not just throw it away without giving it a try. You might find something in the free version you like or compliments whatever other service you use. :sunglasses: