recommendation for original station on SONOS Radio HD

  • 23 November 2021
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After listening to the new SONOS Radio HD for a while, I really enjoy and appreciate the High Quality fidelity! I really does sound like the best HQ compared to other music services. I am on the 1 month trial but I’ll pretty sure I’m going to become a subscriber. I do wish they’d offer a RENEW YEARLY subscription.

Since I listen to a lot of Classical music , my recommendation would be that another Classical station would be curated that would present COMPLETE ENTIRE SYMPHONIES/ CONCERTOS, ETC.  Right now there are only classical stations that present only single movements but not the COMPLETE piece.
please consider this type of station. 
Thank you for the HQ and functionality of SONOS RADIO HQ! 

1 reply

Thanks for the feedback, @Ikabob!


I’ve passed your suggestions on to the Sonos Radio team, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the selection so far :slight_smile: