• 12 December 2016
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Radii TuneIn service keeps dropping out every couple of minutes. Our broadband isn't great (6meg download speed on fiber faster broadband). We can stream video on computers and Apple TV but the radio tunein app drops out so often we can't follow the news. We can play Apple Music without any dropping out. Can we use BBC radio iplayer instead?

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8 replies

By the way I can listen to BBC iPlayer Radio app with no dropping out. Why can't we have this app on Sonos?
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Your have an issue with your network. The first thing to try is a re-boot - Switch off router and Sonos and ALL devices attached to network (PCs, phones, tablets and so on). Then restart router, wait a few mins, then Bridge or Boost if you have those, then Sonos units and then the rest of the network devices.
I'm also having an ongoing problem with tune in. I don't think it's a network or internet issue. Internet is cable and we have good wifi - never have problems with e.g. Netflix. Music is on NAS and plays fine on sonus over wifi. Tunein plays fine on iPhone app but cuts out constantly on sonus. This issue appears periodically on forums but the only answer given is as above. I've finally given up and will be looking to reclutter with a dab radio. A shame as I'm otherwise happy with sonus.
Are you with Virgin Media?
There is a known issue. Have a look at recent threads for Tunein and Virgin Media
Thanks - will do that
Update: Its now a lot more stable. I'm guessing the virgin problem has been resolved. I still have the odd cut-out - which is how it was before. I'd not considered this may be a virgin issue - I'd be interested to know if anyone else experiences this - Violet? It's irregular with some days worse than others. Sometimes it cuts out for a few seconds and other times for half a minute. I tried setting up the radio station manually with a different URL - but this didn't fix it. The iphone tunein app seems more stable and has a lag - so I assume has more of a buffer? I imagine the size of the buffer is controlled at the app level - in which case can we have a bigger one? Its probably more complicated than I imagine - it generally is.