Problems with XML files?

  • 10 June 2021
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I have a Sonos Move, One SL, and Port and a Brennan B2 music server with my CD collection that has been working perfectly for almost a year. However, three days ago I noticed that some songs can not be found by my Sonos in the Brennan server. The most puzzling thing is that the “trouble” songs play in my One SL when it is the only speaker but not if I make the Move or Port the sole output. I notice that the problem songs have characters like ñ, accents, and/or question/exclamation marks in their titles. I reset all my Sonos components and that by itself does not fix the problem. The problem goes away only when I remove the offending characters from the name of the songs in the Brennan B2 music server. I have not made any changes in my system to have caused this problem. Has there been lately an autonomous update in the firmware of my Sonos components? How can I fix it? I would prefer not having to go through my full library in my server removing offending characters that were not a problem before. Any help on this matter will be highly appreciated 

3 replies

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There is a thread elsewhere admitting that the One SL specifically has an updated SMB stack, and it is broken when handling non-ascii characters in paths. I assume this will get fixed at some point.

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You might want to fix the title, this has nothing to do with XML files, and everything to do with file paths.

Thank you, Controlav!

I agree about the title not being correct. What I meant is that the Sonos software is having trouble when reading the XML files but I was not sure so I placed the question mark in the title.

I am glad to hear that a problem related to this with the One SL has been identified and might be fixed soon but it turns out that my problem is with the Move and the Port. Have you heard any similar problems with them?