Problems with music library / Unpredictable app shutdowns

  • 15 July 2018
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My sonos system consists of four Play:1 and one Connect. I've updated the system yesterday. Since then I've got a lot of trouble using my sonos. First of all the app on my smartphone every few minutes quits work. The screen freezes. Not a single function of the app is working.

Then I have an issue with the music library. I've got about 13,000 flac-files in my library. They are in a folder at my NAS. Everything worked fine till yesterday. Now, If I add new files to the folder and refresh the library in the smartphone app, the app is no longer able to show tracknumbers. The tracknumber column is just left blank. To doublecheck this, I removed some files from the folder, refreshed the library, put them back in and refreshed the library another time. First the tracknumbers were there, after the last refresh they were gone.

Has anyone an idea how to fix these issues?



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1 reply

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Hello there, Tyrasus. Thanks for posting. I understand that your smartphone app is shutting down on its own and giving you trouble regarding your Music Library. Does this same behaviour occur on other Sonos Controllers such as a computer? It might be best to go over this with one of our technicians over the phone. They are able to set up a remote session and get a closer look at what is going on with the music library and why it is not displaying properly.