Problems with Apple Music on Sonos

  • 7 October 2017
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Since the app update, when i'm trying to open my Apple Music playlists through Sonos it doesn't find any of the playlists and says: "we've run into a problem. Try again". I tried again, and again and it doesn't work. The sonos recognizes all the rest of the apple music options: artists, songs, etc. - but not the playlists that I use on apple music.

Beside that, when I'm listening to Appke music through sonos, every few songs (randomly... it can be after one, two, three... songs), it stops and says it was unable to play that song from apple music...

The diagnostic number is: 7925107


Best answer by Keith N 7 November 2017, 21:50

Thanks for the update, Myammi & ma.hobson.

This is correct. Apple has deployed a fix that should resolve this issue. Should any of you continue to have problems regarding this, please reach out and let us know.

Edit: Massive "Thank You!" to everyone who PM'd me to send data along to the team.
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77 replies

Me too exactly same issue with Apple Music after updating app yesterday evening
Planning on giving everything a reboot this morning.
How I can reboot? And is it the only option?
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How I can reboot? And is it the only option?

I use Apple Music too for Sonos and I am not having this issue after the update, maybe try deleting Apple Music and re-adding it again from the Sonos app.
Hi Erwin, thanks for the answer. That was my first guess, but it didn't help...
Apple Music, Pandora and Radio stations are all not playing since the update. Any things to try?
Same problem here! All I get is “We’ve run into a problem. Try again.” when I try to browse my Apple Music Playlists. BTW the new UI update is terrible! I would at least like have a link to select the music I want to play when in the ‘rooms’ menu, why the heck do I have to exit back to the main menu and select browse to select the rooms music???? 😠 Somebody at sonsos letting thier 5 year old play on app dev computer again??
i unplugged my bridge for about 5 minutes, then plugged it back in. Seemed to reset the system and its working now.
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Same exact thing. Have deleted Apple Music and re-added, ur that did not fix the issue. Diagnostic # 7927431
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Have the same problem and submitted a support ticket. Neither add / remove / re-authorize account nor restarting my playbar (hard reboot unplugging power) did solve the issue. Did not completely reset the system, so far. Waiting on feedback from support, or if somebody has a success. thptrek13 post was encouraging, but did not help in my case.
Tried everything as well.... Nothing helps....
Any news? Any Sonos official that feels like helping?
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I'm facing the same problem. I'm done with Sonos. Very bad experience since iOS 10. The mismatch between AppleMusic on iOS > 10 and the controller is painful. And now this.
Indeed annoying.....
I am having the same problems, cuts out periodically and cannot get my apple music playlists. Really frustrated
I'm having to unplug my Bridge hourly to get it to reset and connect to Apple Music, Pandora, etc.
I can get albums to play if I shut everything down and then restart but still can’t get playlists
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OK, seems there is no easy solution and might have to wait for an update, which will take some time
The playlist is annoying but I can leave with it somehow... The songs that stops in the middle is too much... I tried all the other solutions that they have offered before...
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Is there any official confirmation of this problem? I don't have any feedback from the support team on my ticket so far.
Same issue with apple playlist here. Removing, resetting has no effect
I am disappointed that there does not appear to be any interest from Sonos. I had guests for dinner at the weekend and had to switch my Sonos system down after re booting it four times. My guests all said that they would not buy Sonos and would look for alternatives. Really damaging for Sonos reputation. An early solution might help.
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Same problem can't play Apple Playlists, all other Apple music works fine
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Support came back to me saying that they got from customers the feedback that the problem is solved. Asked me to retry, but for me problem still exist. This is a bit strange, because they should know if they fixed something or not.
I’m still experiencing the same problems. Still waiting for a response from Support.