Problems playing iTunes library and Amazon music

  • 19 December 2018
  • 3 replies

I’ve had this problem since I bought my connect amp, I’ve reported it a couple of times and if anything it’s got worse. It used to be that tracks would skip randomly from iTunes but now it happens when I’m streaming from Amazon music. The radio works fine but that’s it. It’s a lot of money and fitting to have paid just for a radio.

3 replies

It could be caused by wireless interference. Radio is the least bandwidth-heavy source so maybe it can cope with that despite being compromised. You might try changing the wireless channel on your router. Beyond that, rather than guess, immediately after the next occurrence of the issue submit a system diagnostic from Advanced Settings and post the confirmation number back here.
Hi John, sorry but I’ve only just looked on the forum as I don’t get notifications. It’s been happening tonight which is why I looked at the forum. My system diagnostics number is 146323805.
John isn't an employee of Sonos, so he wouldn't have access to your diagnostic. I'd heartily recommend editing your post and removing your email address, unless you really, really want to get a lot of spam....John frequents this board a lot, and should be along to help, as well as more than likely a Sonos employee, who will be able to look at your diagnostic.


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