Problem playing TuneIn Sources and using for alarm

  • 28 February 2020
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Lately (past month or so) my alarms regularly revert to chimes, indicating Sonos could not access the TuneIn source. If I set Sonos to use non-TuneIn source (e.g. GPM or Amazon) all works OK. If I manually play a TuneIn station (normally BBC Radio) it often takes 3 or 4 attempts to get it to play (before it plays I get the usual error prompt indicating stream unavailable). Is there a TuneIn/Sonos integration problem ongoing?



3 replies

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@User935307 Thank you for bringing your question to the Sonos Community. The issue you are describing is a known issue with BBC Radio on TuneIn. Please test another alarm not using a BBC station in TuneIn and confirm if that works, since your other streaming services work as the alarm source. Please follow up with those test results along with a diagnostic report and report number here.

A workaround you can try is setting a specific BBC Radio streaming URL in Sonos from a computer using this link. This way, yo may get the BBC station you prefer as the alarm to play on Sonos.

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Thanks John.  The background is that until a about 6 months ago, I was using a manually added streaming URL for playing BBC radio (including for alarms).  It had worked fine for well over a year.  That URL started to either “skip” or just drop and it finally stopped working.  I still had it configured and tried it again just to be sure again yesterday (still not working for me).  That URL was (if this forum allows URL inclusion):

Just tried the above with VLC also at work now and it does not work.

I had therefore moved to the default “TuneIn” Station selection for playing the stream for the past few months.  That one is the recent one to become unreliable.  If I keep manually hitting “play” then it starts in the end (sometimes).

I have seen background news items about the BBC and TuneIn falling but I see no post on any forum with an updated/recent list of BBC radio streaming URLs (with all the options for bitrate and stream type).  The last I found was from about 2015, which is probably now outdate.  If anyone has one I would appreciate it please.

Yesterday I found this URL:

That one works and I’m using it as of yesterday, but it sounds low bitrate (?).  I’ll update with diagnostic once I test a bit more.  I confirm already that it’s only the BBC Radio URLs that give the streaming problem.  Please give some background on where this “known issue” is documented and published.  Any idea when it will be fixed?


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@User935307 I would like you to submit us a diagnostic report and reply here with the report number. I will set up a case for you to call in and track this with our agents.

I do not have anything available to show you that this is an ongoing issue and the workaround for the issue is how you were already accessing that specific station with BBC Radio. After I receive your diagnostic report I will direct message you the case number so that you can contact our agents.