Possible problem with Controller app on iPhone/ipad

  • 24 December 2016
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Hello. I'm new to all this so if this is a dumb question, please excuse me. I can use my iPad/iphone to stream a favourite radio staton to my sonos speakers, but to stream from my music library (from my Mac) I first have to start the stream using the sonos controller on my mac. Once it has started the stream data appears on my iPhone/ipad and I can then take control from these devices. Is this how it should work?

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8 replies

Not really. The Mac has to be awake in order to access the tracks, but you do not need to use the Mac controller, or even have the Mac controller running. If the Mac is awake, you should be able to play your local library from any and all controller apps.
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Yea sounds like you are waking up your Mac and then works of course. Get a cheap nas drive to backup all your files to and store your music so available 24/7 or set your Mac not to sleep.
That's what I figured but it's not what I'm experiencing. If I try to play something from my music library I get an error message saying something like 'no music in the queue'. If i then start the controller app on my mac and queue some music, the iPad/iphone controller can see it and I can then use those devices to control that music stream. I can stream radio (without the mac controller being active) using my iPhone\ipad. Stumped on how to fix this little conundrum.
That's strange. I would duplicate the problem, then submit a diagnostic from your controller and post the reference number here. A Sonos tech will look into it.
I think the Penny has just dropped! Thanks Chris and agate. Because the radio stations are not being called from my music library, of course I can control them from the remote devices without the Mac being 'awake', doh! But to access the stuff in my music library the Mac controller has to be awake for me to see this from a remote device. At least I think that's what you are telling me.
Yes. All other services will work fine, but to access the local music, the Mac where it is housed blneeds to be on.
Thank heavens I prefaced my question by saying it may be a dumb one! Thanks for the answers, much appreciated. happy Christmas to you all.
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Just something to be aware if for future trouble shooting. Nothing is streamed to Sonos from your PC, or anywhere else. Your controller tells the Sonos speaker where to go aand get the stream from. The Sonos speaker does all the work.
You set your music library as the path to your computer. Ensure your computer name does NOT include any special characters, ONLY letters and numbers.